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  1. CLDave

    Tick tock! Boat Delivered to House for Some Prep!

    I'm not sure I can verify that this is truly your boat until I see another pic of you hugging the motor :cool:
  2. CLDave

    Replacing carpet

    Oh man I'd be so tempted to just put the console back on and run it around like that for a while!
  3. CLDave

    Options for blank helm plate

    A quick Google for "boat glove boxes" results in several kinds that may fit that space. One of these might be ideal (some are spendy though)
  4. CLDave

    New to boating

    It might be worth googling/searching for biking bags as well. It strikes me that the attachment options on my family's bikes would be ideal for attaching to a rail, and they all have quick-connect options and are water-resistant. Something like this...
  5. CLDave

    Max Speed W/ Bimini Top Raised?

    Also depends if you have an automatic/electric bimini. I lower mine down and secure with the stands when I'm doing 50+ runs, but running around I'm comfortable with bimini raised up to 35-40. Bimini open I always have the straps that came with it attached to the front, and then I don't go over 30.
  6. CLDave

    iPhone cordless charger

    It's just a sticky suction cup - has never once moved unless I actually detached it on purpose. One note - don't attach to the soft-touch parts of your dash - the suction cup will leave a small dimple (that eventually fades out under the sun). Right next to the SIMRAD was my best spot.
  7. CLDave

    iPhone cordless charger

    I got this Wireless charger last year - it clamps onto the phone automatically when it's placed in the cradle, and releases with a button press. Worked slick and keeps it within line of sight - for $30 it's worth it to keep the phone secure when burning around the lake at 50 :-) ZeeHoo Wireless...
  8. CLDave

    RPM and Speed when cornering towing tube?

    Did you try moving people further back or keeping the heavier folks as far back as possible? Sounds like too much weight in the bow to me.
  9. CLDave

    Best boat lift recommendations ?

    What boat do you have? 5000lb is fine for most applications, but my R25 is just shy of 5000lb when full of gas and gear. When you add people it could be an extra 1500 lb. If you can swing it, the hydrualic lift systems are WAY faster up and down than the DC motor/cable lifts. Regardless, get...
  10. CLDave

    Elliptical toon trailer

    That's easy - set them all at the same height, with the center bunk exactly in the middle.
  11. CLDave

    DIY cup-holder ski mirror

    Ha - when I'm not using it for tubing I lower the mirror to its bottom setting. It does get wiggly when I'm doing 50 :cool:
  12. CLDave

    2021 LTFB Bowrider - front deck access

    Install a trampoline in the bow footwell and you'll be set. (the "climb over the seats" thing is the reason I don't own a bowrider)
  13. CLDave

    Ready for boating!

    I will give you $1,000 if you put your Bennington in that pool.
  14. CLDave

    Best Way to Sell Our Bennington?

    I sold both my boats in about 2 weeks last summer over Facebook Marketplace (sold both to get our new uberBenny). I made $20k more than the dealer offered me for my 2011 Bennington RCW + Larson Fish & Ski. Both boats sold for about $2k less than I bought them for (new). When I told the dealer...
  15. CLDave

    Transport/motor support question

    That tab is a service-stop, and should NOT be used for trailering. Just FYI/fair warning for anyone who's thought about using it when trailering :) When I trailer (just to/from storage) I leave the motor all the way down, and then I stop before I get to any "dangerous" spots - the ramp...
  16. CLDave

    Bow gate seat & corner cooler

    Those front seats aren't really designed to have a bow gate seat in them (and to operate freely) - and I wouldn't allow anyone to "force" the seats open as it'll prematurely wear (and could outright break) the hinges and upholstery. Agreed that it's not a great design when you're using...
  17. CLDave

    Registration Colors & Letter Placement Ideas

    Yep, got it from Domed Letters - it's their standard "Bennington New" font. $90 for both sides to your door.
  18. CLDave

    New CARB Proposals Threaten Future of Outboard Engines

    I'd be all for electric if it didn't mean that huge/high voltage plugs would be necessary - right off the dock. I get nervous about 110v lift motors. Imagine 2x-3x or more juice flowing into the water? Yikes.
  19. CLDave

    Bennington 2018 25GSRC

    Market is white-hot for used boats right now. It's COVID/Spring and everyone is buying. I sold my 10-year old Benny for $2k less than I bought it for new last summer, and the market is even hotter right now.
  20. CLDave

    Boat order decisions...This or That!!

    In my opinion on a small lake you're going to get way more use out of the upgraded tubes than the extra 35 HP. We had a 115 for 10 years on a large chain of lakes, and the biggest reason we upgraded was the twin-tube setup is just not capable of any "fun" for other than very small kids when...