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  1. Al B

    DIY cup-holder ski mirror

    I like this a lot i just ordered from your links 36bucks good deal thank you
  2. Al B

    New Fiberglass QX bumper suggestions

    I can't help with your question but that is impressive...Congrats
  3. Al B

    Maui Mat Hauling

    I don't have a picture but we have a big Mable and when not in the water we have it tied to the tow bar and its generally out of the way. Biggest issue is I can't see the motor when we are pulling up to the docks and shallow waters so I have to trust the trim gage and my ears. I even tow down...
  4. Al B

    23 LXSB build (its here! W/pics)

    Looks amazing love the colors and your idea with powder coating the chrome
  5. Al B

    Can this screw be removed?

    Noooo. don't take the screw out that is what holds the thing... you know that thing thing. Omg don't do it.
  6. Al B

    Outboard Chip Tuning

    Thanks for the insight I will search
  7. Al B

    Outboard Chip Tuning

    Has anyone thought of or actually chip tuned their outboard? I would like some feedback if this is a good or bad idea. Al
  8. Al B


    Holy crap thank god you're here and thank you for your service 35 footers now that's impressive my Benny is probably only good for 28 footers
  9. Al B

    Handy hints, gadgets, products, gizmos & ideas...

    Not a bad idea with the flags, I'll try it next season..she is currently all warm and snuggly for the winter
  10. Al B

    Post up your other toys or hobbies ..... AGAIN

    Wasn't there a song written about that car Love the red, spark plugs n gas are in my wheel house too
  11. Al B


    That is an Awsome story, thank you for sharing. We would love to show you around NE for leaf peeping season.
  12. Al B

    Post up your other toys or hobbies ..... AGAIN

    Love all of your toys..I had a 79 Z28 like that in the mid 80s coming out of HS mine was burgundy with same color strips Fisher T tops automatic my next toy is going to be a 78 Bandit TA some day soon
  13. Al B


  14. Al B


    some northern NH foliage pictures
  15. Al B

    Handy hints, gadgets, products, gizmos & ideas...

    I'm not sure where to post Iknow I had stumbled on a thread that talked about fishing rod holders I can't seem to find. Im terrible at the search :rolleyes: So attached is what i did
  16. Al B

    Excited about our new 21SLX

    Congratulations We just bought our 22' SSBX SPS at Winnisquam Marine 3 weeks ago. Where did you buy yours? Enjoy season is coming to an end fast
  17. Al B

    Our new LX

    Congratulations and enjoy looks great! I didn't have the patience to wait for the back order VMax so we have the 200f and I'm very impressed with it We picked our boat up 3 weeks ago ours is a 2021 but i believe its the last S before the Ls came out We still love it over our 20' 2016
  18. Al B


    That is Awsome "MURICA"
  19. Al B

    Losing my plane at 3/4 throttle

    Is the trailer still attached?... sorry that's my bad sense of humor It sounds like a trim thing, try that it should do the trick
  20. Al B

    Post up your other toys or hobbies ..... AGAIN

    We have a place in Pittsburg NH and we also ride into Maine and Quebec gotta do something boating season is short in Northern NH