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    Is OEM vinyl available for a 2012 model Bennington?

    All of a sudden, I had about 10 cuts on the rear facing lounge bed--very light tan in color. I blame it on Big Bird, our neighborhood blue heron, for using my boathouse to watch for fish trolling by. No dogs have ever been on our boat. I also have 3-4 vinyl cuts in my seats--some of which may...
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    Daughter taking out my boat

    When we were recently out of town on vacation, our 28 year old daughter and her friends decided to take out my Bennington.  Weather's since been keeping us grounded from riding on the lake with rains, heavy winds and big waves. Today was very still, sunny and unusually warm at 85 degrees for...
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    Bennington Sunsets

    Just got in from taking a spin on our 24SSLX, with a 4 year old granddaughter and 7 year old grandson driving the boat--while sitting in my lap. They wanted their Big Dad to stop the boat in the middle of the Tennessee River so they could watch the sunset. It was just the three of us in the...
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    Yearly Maintenance F150

    I got my 2 year old 24SSLX out of the boathouse and on the trailer yesterday in order to do my yearly maintenance.  With 40 engine hours, I only put 20 hours on it last year.  Nevertheless, I'm still changing the lower unit grease and switching over to Mobil 1 EP--a superior motor oil. The...
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    The Masters? Or, the Darlington NASCAR Race?

    I slept through half the Masters this afternoon. Now, the Darlington Race is on.  I just hope I have enough sleep left in me to last to the end of the race. The best nap of any week is when either golf is on television--or when NASCAR is on.
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    My 2012 Bennington 24SSLX was built the middle of May, and was stored inside a dark warehouse until purchased 7/5/12. Upon delivery, the aluminum toons were already starting to tarnish. My boat is stored out of the water inside a boathouse and has been in fresh water only 19 hours--never left...
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    Slow Fuel Filler Neck

    Marina gasoline on our lake is about 90 cents more than pump gas at our drive in market. Since our boats are kept in boathouses, we refuel them with 5 gallon plastic Jerry cans to save money. I was putting 10 gallons into my Bennington fuel tank last week. Every time the can was tilted up...