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  1. BigKahuna


    Yes we just spent an afternoon with her at a local winery listening to live music. She stays busy with her grandkids.....
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    We were on a plane last Friday on Carl's anniversary of his death. Can you believe it's been 2 yrs?!?
  3. BigKahuna

    303 fabric guard cover application...

    I did it in my driveway at my last house in Virginia. Be careful any overspray will result in waterproof splotches in the concrete.
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    Tow mirror mount location

    Best mirror you can get brotha! Well worth the money! Had ours for 12 yrs. High quality and highly durable! Just got the large size mirror from a PTM Edge rep on this forum. All I have to do is remove the smaller one and install the larger one. 2 faced tape is also used for installation for...
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    Anchor light adjustable cam

    When I first read the title of this post my first thought was......... Wow! Somebody is installing an Anchor light adjustable CAMERA. Was getting excited! Ha!
  6. BigKahuna

    Boat Cover

    It's not the moisture that's going to get you.......That sun is going to get to that upholstery sooner or later!
  7. BigKahuna

    Boat Cover

    Religiously cover the boat every time we put it away! You'll thank yourself in the long run!
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    23LSR w/ 200HP

    AZthinkrs I pull my wife and adult kids up on slalom skis, wakeboards, etc. etc. with a Mercury 150 with ease. It has a good quick hole shot to quickly get them out of the water. We had a 4.3L 220 HP I/O before this and I would say the hole shot is comparable.....You will not have any problem...
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    Simrad Go7 Display

    There are many features on our Simrad that I'll probably never use. Charts/maps, Radar, sonar, and the fishfinder. As long as I have depth, water temp, gas level, trim, tach, oil pressure, and GPS speed at a glance.....I am satisfied!!!
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    Battery Recomendation Please

    +1 on Interstate marine batteries. The original one in our 1st boat lasted 10 yrs.
  11. BigKahuna

    Options for blank helm plate

    Glove box/storage area sounds good. How about a charging area for phones/bluetooth devices? Thinking outside the box..... Rear view camera to see behind you or skiiers/wakeboarders/tubers?!?
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    Tick tock! Boat Delivered to House for Some Prep!

    You'll be all right! For me the cover is no problem. My wife and I have it down! It's the double Bimini that we have to get used to. We left it open all year last year. Ha!
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    Tick tock! Boat Delivered to House for Some Prep!

    Hey man the cover will get easier every time you do it. Did you see Semper's instructional video?!? You're going to sleep out there aren't you?!?
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    Bennington prices?

    Our 1st house back In 1984 was $69500. I remember my wife wanting the model home but it was a whopping $10000 more! Starting out as a young couple fresh out of college it was out of reach! Ha!
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    Bennington prices?

    Speaking of higher prices. We have a 2008 Ford Expedition. Just turned 80000 miles. Still in super shape. Tow the boat w/ it and go on long trips. (Also have my wife's Cadillac for long trips) Went into the local Ford dealership to check out the new ones......Saw a couple that I liked with the...
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    Dented Toon during delivery!

    Holy crap that's more than a "dent"!!!
  17. BigKahuna

    Vinyl Floor turning tan/ orange

    Well at least they fixed it that's the main thing!
  18. BigKahuna

    Vinyl Floor turning tan/ orange

    Did they say what caused it?
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    Batteries, Wax, and Biminis oh my!

    The best marine battery I've ever had was an Interstate. It was the original battery in my Bennington that lasted 10 yrs. and that boat only had 1 battery. It doesn't matter what kind of wax you use on any painted surface as long as it is done regularly. Sorry Derrick but I use Nevr Dull on my...
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    What temporary floor carpet/towel/anything will NOT get HOT during hot days on the water?

    There's another brand of pontoon boat that has the Seadek flooring available near me. The sales manager told me although the flooring doesn't get hot their #1 complaint from customers who have it is....... That it's hard to keep clean!