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  1. Vikingstaff

    1st two hours of Break in complete!

    Congratulations. Looks and sounds great! I would echo what Lakeliving and Michiman said above.
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    The sign of a day well spent!!!
  3. Vikingstaff

    Winter has arrived at...

    Houghton Lake in Michigan had been freezing up already. However, we had a warm spell, followed by high winds. The ice broke up and got pushed ashore in some areas, almost like it were spring. Here are a couple of pictures of the it from about a mile south of our cottage on the west shore of the...
  4. Vikingstaff

    Happy Thanksgiving.

    Happy Thanksgiving Everyone! I am forever thankful for my family and friends, and the life I have. I hope your day was blessed with those that matter to you.
  5. Vikingstaff

    Pontoon battery storage

    Eventually when they go bad, I‘ll likely just have the dealership (who services and stores the boat for us in the off season) take care of it. Now if they were to both go bad in the midst of summer, perhaps I’d mess with them just due to how busy and backlogged our dealership gets in the summer...
  6. Vikingstaff

    Safety Rail Diameter

    Mine is put away for its winter slumber in storage or I’d go measure it up for you. Plenty in southern climates can probably help you out. Good luck and enjoy.
  7. Vikingstaff

    Bennington QX25 Build w/ Mercury 350 or 400

    Honestly, even if there were not any issues with the flywheel, the money differential alone would justify the Mercury 400 if it is $11k less than the F350 Yamaha. Am I understanding that correctly? For such a price difference, why wouldn’t someone go that route? :cool:
  8. Vikingstaff

    Boat browsing update.....

    I LOVE the boat and price. However, Nautical brings up some potentially good points with the prop. Does seem odd! If his scenario is partially correct, it would certainly be cause for concern.
  9. Vikingstaff

    Bennington QX25 Build w/ Mercury 350 or 400

    Is there such a thing as HP over kill for a boat? :D If you can afford it, absolutely go with the 400 HP on that boat. The Q’s are an amazing boat, but they are a big and heavy boat. Should finances allow it, and you are looking at the same motor manufacturer (Mercury), then go with the...
  10. Vikingstaff

    Your 2019 College Football Thread

    Minnesota and P.J. Fleck made a believer out of me. I hadn’t been until watching them against Penn St. just now. The Gophers look for real. If all goes as one might expect, should be interesting to see them square off against Ohio St. in the Big Ten Championship in December. Obviously, and not...
  11. Vikingstaff

    New 3D boat builder

    Here you go: Money!
  12. Vikingstaff

    Built a boat. Submitted to Bennington.

    We built and negotiated our boat back in December of 2016 on a 2017 build. We went back and forth with options and negotiating price for about a 2 weeks. At least in our experience, final price and agreement on negotiated price was totally with our dealer. I would assume that is true across the...
  13. Vikingstaff

    SimTex Vinyl.

    We have 3 summers on our Simtex and it is holding up great, and looks new. However, as humid as it might get in stretches up here, it is nothing like the sustained humidity down in Florida. Glad Rodsfields is able to speak to that. So far I really love the fabric.
  14. Vikingstaff

    Winter has arrived at...

    Not yet. Just didn’t take down our summer outdoor deck lights. I have them strung up along the gutters.
  15. Vikingstaff

    Winter has arrived at...

    The first snowfall of the year at the cottage this past week as caught on one of our webcams. A long ways off before we’ll be snowmobiling, but getting close. Excited about that with boating season a good 7 months away.
  16. Vikingstaff

    "Overnight" Boat Cover

    Been there, done that myself Kaydano.
  17. Vikingstaff

    Out and about boat browsing....,

    Very exciting time...minus the cost of doing it. Cannot wait to see what you end up getting. Enjoy the search.
  18. Vikingstaff

    Kicker KMC 10 "Dead" on my new Bennington!

    Newer boat under warranty? Bow to stern warranty. Call the dealer. Sorry for the hassle and hope it can get resolved promptly for you. If you boat has to be put away for the winter, that would be the perfect time for the dealer to get this potential warranty issue taken care of for you.
  19. Vikingstaff

    Your 2019 College Football Thread

    Ditto this line up!
  20. Vikingstaff

    Christmas present came a little early

    Congratulations on the new boat and welcome to the group. It looks great! Enjoy your first trip out in it once you are squared away. Don’t be shy in posting more pictures of that beauty.