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  1. Mike31406

    1st two hours of Break in complete!

    Awesome! You have a great Summer coming up.
  2. Mike31406

    Pontoon battery storage

    Sure, when that happens I’ll just have my dealer or a relative do it. I’ve had two knee replacements and one shoulder replaced which I promptly broke about a year later. These issues coupled with a bad back limit my flexibility quit abit.
  3. Mike31406

    Pontoon battery storage

    We leave our two batteries on the boat. I couldn’t get them out if I wanted to. I then charge each one separately every six weeks or so. This has worked for the past two seasons. Does anyone know if I can charge both batteries at once by leaving the switch in the “two” position. I currently...
  4. Mike31406

    Boat browsing update.....

    Wow, what a find. Congratulations!!
  5. Mike31406

    Pontoon fender mounting clips, who uses what?

    EZ fenders, work great and don’t interfere with the cover.
  6. Mike31406

    My First Pontoon- My first Bennington - and a rookie question!

    I had the dealer do it before it was commissioned. Beautiful boat btw. You made a good decision going with Bennington..
  7. Mike31406

    Seats on my 2015 benny

    I’m going to have to take a closer look at mine. Sorry your having this issue. Please keep us posted as to what the dealer says.
  8. Mike31406

    Christmas present came a little early

    Awesome! Welcome to both the forum and to Bennington.
  9. Mike31406

    Your 2019 College Football Thread

    You are right Wayne, Clemson also had a poor last game. Both need to focus and get back to basics.
  10. Mike31406

    Last day......

    We live in South Carolina but have been in Katy, Texas for the past 4 weeks on Grandparent duty. Since we left SC there has been little to no rain and as a result the lake level has dropped. We return on Tuesday to nice weather but the water below our slip is probably around 3.5 ft. We could...
  11. Mike31406

    Last day......

  12. Mike31406

    Your 2019 College Football Thread

    Wife is a Clemson graduate, one of our daughters is a Georgia Bulldog graduate. So that gives you an idea who we route for. Watching Bulldogs as I write this.
  13. Mike31406

    New to Bennington and new to pontoons

    Good looking boat. Congratulations and welcome to the forum.
  14. Mike31406

    New owner here. 2014 2550 RCL with a whopping 24 hours on it!!

    Awesome boat! Congratulations and welcome to the forum.
  15. Mike31406

    Upgrading from a 1986 SmokerCraft to a 2013 Bennington 22 SSLX

    You made a good decision, you are going to love your Bennington. Welcome to the forum and don’t hesitate to ask any questions.
  16. Mike31406

    Interior Damage warning (Glad Bag) edition

    Thanks for sharing.
  17. Mike31406

    Interesting end of boating season.

    Great story, thanks for sharing. Good to hear Bennington is standing behind their warranty and that the bent shaft was discovered before it caused bigger issues.
  18. Mike31406

    New-to-us Benny!

    Congratulations. Welcome to Bennington (you made a great decision) and to this forum.
  19. Mike31406

    Finally Here!

    Awesome! You certainly did your home work. Welcome to Bennington and to this forum. If you have questions many on this forum have “ been there and done that. They are willing and able to assist.