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  1. sjhorner9475

    1st two hours of Break in complete!

    Beautiful boat! Thanks for the pics.
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    I have never heard that but since I don't fish off my boat I guess it is OK to have bananas on board. ;)
  3. sjhorner9475

    My First Pontoon- My first Bennington - and a rookie question!

    Beautiful boat! I love 350 hp engine you have on it. Sorry I cannot help you with the question about the shark hide. I know many on this forum will be able to though.
  4. sjhorner9475

    Your 2019 College Football Thread

    All season long many of the TV football analysts having been saying Ohio State is the best and most complete team in college football, yet the AP and Coaches polls continually ranked them behind Alabama and Clemson. Nice to see the BCS panel recognizes OSU as number one. But OSU has two tough...
  5. sjhorner9475

    New 3D boat builder

    I had not seen it. Thanks for sharing Lakeliving. It is so cool! It will be great when Bennington gets all models and floor plans loaded.
  6. sjhorner9475

    Pontoon fender mounting clips, who uses what?

    We use EZ Fenders. They look great, are adustable, and come in silver or black.
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    Built a boat. Submitted to Bennington.

    Nice specs Daril. Can't wait to hear about the deal and then see pictures.
  8. sjhorner9475

    And that makes 10,000

    Wow! I want to be like SEMPERFI8387 but he has set a really high bar.
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    Built a boat. Submitted to Bennington.

    Daril I took a similar approach. I used the Benny Builder to determine what I wanted in my new boat last year. I printed it out and then visited my dealer to discuss the options I had chosen. As a result of that discussion, I made a few changes and plugged them into Benny Builder which gives...
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    Replaced Floor and Seats

  11. sjhorner9475

    Out and about boat browsing....,

    Happy hunting!
  12. sjhorner9475

    Seats on my 2015 benny

    If your boat is a 2015, would this be covered by the warranty?
  13. sjhorner9475

    Pics from our newest Benny’s first season...

    Great pictures. I especially liked the first one. Agree it looks like you had a great boating season.
  14. sjhorner9475

    Christmas present came a little early

    Nice! Congrats
  15. sjhorner9475

    A seed has been planted

    I can concur with Nautical. We ordered a new boat, a Q series, in August 2018 right when the 2019 models came out. I had been researching on the boat builder site for a few months and the prices jumped significantly from 2018 to 2019 due to the new tariffs on aluminum. I am sure other things...
  16. sjhorner9475

    Planning To Order a New Bennington Before Thanksgiving - What Size Motor?

    RJ welcome to the forum. When you do take possession please post photos. I do not have familiarity with either of the two motors you mentioned above but there will be others on this forum who do. You will find that most individuals on this forum are very partial to certain brands of motors...
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    Getting close!!!!

  18. sjhorner9475

    New to Bennington and new to pontoons

    Nice looking boat! Welcome to the forum.
  19. sjhorner9475

    Owning a lake house/condo?

    I cannot give you any advice about a condo on Lake Hamilton, but can give you some general advice about owning a lake condo. We purchased a condo on Center Hill Lake in Tennessee four years ago. Out condo is only and hour and fifteen minutes from our home so it is an easy drive for us. The...