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    Interesting end of boating season.

    We are fortunate to have 2 Benningtons so we don't have to tow 3 1/2 hours to the lake house. This year the big boat broke down and is in the shop. We towed the 2015 down for Labor Day weekend as we had 13 people staying in the lake house for the 48th annual picking an grinning party. Left at...
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    Jill's Birthday Cruise

    As some know, we survived breast cancer surgery in 2016 and the chemo that was worse than the surgery. The inside joke is " I beat the cancer but the chemo tried to kill me". Jill's birthday is 12/30 and January of 2017, she tells me she wants to go boating on her birthday to celebrate being...
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    Live well lid upgrade

    A while back somebody asked about the new lids on the bow storage boxes. I just looked at my build sheet. It lists the "New Starboard lid upgrade on bow storage boxes" Hope that helps.
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    Got my New Pontoon for the Christmas Season

    Not A Bennington but paid cash for this one.
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    FYI for Mercury Outboard Winterization

    Got this from Mercury today.
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    Bunk Replacement

    Launched the boat on Saturday morning and realized that the bunks on the trailer are falling apart.  Got the boat trailered on Sunday barely.  Now i need to replace the 2x4's next week end.  The question I have is on a 25' boat trailer what length of boards do they use.  I can not imagine that...
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    OOOOOOps #2

    The "kids" used the boat last weekend.  Tied it up to go to the house for lunch and babies naps.  When they came back this is what they saw.  It was really busy and the docks are on the main channel.  Somehow the nose of the toon got under the dock.  Daughter was really upset.  They sent the...
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    Stainless nav lights corrosion

    Got the big boat out of storage last week.  While cleaning, I noticed that both stainless housing for the nav lights have white powdery corrosion.  What is a good product to remove the corrosion off stainless and what to stop it and protect the housings.  The boat was covered and in a tobacco...
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    Sunday, the weather is nice and Jill is feeling pretty good.  I ask her if she wants to go boating.  Jill says "yes" and I go out the barn to get ready.  First time out this year.  Climb up the back of the boat to remove the battery tender.  On the 22SFX, there is a panel in the starboard rear...
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    Can not add to Gallery with new software

    I have looked to add pictures to my gallery and with the new software I am having no success. The pics are to large to just drag to the topic.  HELP!
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    I/O trim pump needs repair

    Didn't boat on Lake Cumberland till Monday morning because of the thunderstorms on Sunday.  Launch the boat, lower the outdrive and take off for breakfast.  Try to play with the trim and it doesn't seem to do anything.  On the way back (in the rain :angry: ), I stop, raise the engine cover and...
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    Mercury 150 Prop tightness

    On the new boat, I was waxing the engine and sprayed the SS prop. When I grabbed the prop to polish it, there is about 1/4" play of back and forth on the shaft.  I was just going to tighten it but thought "ask the forum if there is supposed to be some play or should I just crank down on the nut...
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    Tongue Weight of trailer

    For first time trailer towing members, I just got back from the CAT scales at the local truck stop.  The scales for semi's have 3 zones.  I pulled onto the scale with the truck in one zone and the trailer in the zone behind the truck.  With the trailer attached I weighed the rig.  Without moving...
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    New 22' SFX APG

      Our new boat for the Canada fishing trip with extended family and after work fun on Caesars Creek in Ohio.         Love the curved boarding ladder.   It will be nice to return to the cabin at 35 mph instead of 14 mph and not having to fix a 14 year old boat. 
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    Mildew Removal

    We have had a mildew on our seats problem for years.  We had a old mooring cover that was not waterproof.  Since replacing the cover we still have mildew after storage.  This year I bought Marine 31 mildew remover combo after reading their web site.  I have used several other brands of mildew...
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    PADS infection

    We were at the Cincinnati Boat show last night. Saw the full windshield  22' Q with a 300 O/B.  Good looking boat.  The PADS struck will looking at a 22sfx.  We have an older 22' toon we take to Canada for a week fishing trip and I am getting tired of screwing with the older motor and with no...
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    Pitting on bottom of toons.

    First time boating this year.  Saturday was nice.  Floating in the water in the afternoon and grabbed the scotchbrite pad to check the toons.  The boat was been stored out of the water for the last season.  Feel that the very bottom of the toons have pitted (there is no growth on them).  The...
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    LED docking lights

    We have never been out past night fall in this boat. This month we were with my parents at the campground till late. First time we motored at night. The red lights in the gauges were good and saved the night vision. When we got to the dock, I turned on the docking lights and thought they...
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    Vinyl Coat for seats

    Our other toon's cover was not waterproof and we had a big mold problem. We replaced the cover and stopped the mold growth but the seats were stained and the top layer of the vinyl had gone bad. Have lived with the looks while looking for a reasonable solution without replacing all the vinyl...
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    Lake Cumberland Debris

    This is what we saw when we launched the boat Sunday morning. The lake has been at 685 elevation for years to fix the dam. The repair is finished and the COE raised the lake 35'. All the stuff on the banks is now floating. We did not leave the boat at our slip. We hauled out at the end of...