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  1. Michiman

    Choosing the right anchor (

    Seems like anchor questions are always coming up so here's an article I recently came across from that folks may find helpful.
  2. Michiman

    I don't think this applies to my Bennington...

    And that's why they made "auto pay"!
  3. Michiman

    Handy Pictures to Have

    Unfortunately, some of us are unable to walk out the back door to verify various elements of our Bennington boats. As such, a typical post for me might go something like this: "I'll let you know this weekend" or "I'll check that out next spring". So this has gotten me thinking about some...
  4. Michiman

    Transducer Success!

    My boat came with a Garmin Echo 101 and would freeze up when exceeding 12 to 14 MPH. Both Garmin and my dealer told me that there was nothing that could be done to improve its functionality but based upon comments made on this site, I thought I'd try to make some adjustments myself. Because my...
  5. Michiman

    Rules of the road

    I happened to come across an article about understanding boat navigational lights that I thought might be helpful for some of our newer members. Of course, if you've taken your boater safety course you'll already know this stuff. However, from my experience on the water, many captains seemed to...
  6. Michiman

    Evinrude E-Tec vs. Yamaha

    I happened to come across this video which compares an E-Tec G2 150 to a Yamaha F200. Pretty interesting results, I must say and worth the time to watch.
  7. Michiman

    Be careful out there!

    Based upon my conversations with other forum members, I'd have to say that most of us are pretty safe boaters and have a good understanding of the rules of the "road", so to speak. However, I came across this sad story of a life lost on a Michigan lake this past week. I'm guessing that...
  8. Michiman

    Do SS Props Rust?

    Up until last year, I've never owned a SS prop. When I put my boat in storage (indoor) last Fall, the prop was as shiny as the day I took delivery. However, when I picked it up in July, I immediately noticed that it had small rust spots all over it. My dealer suggested that that's quite normal...
  9. Michiman

    My bad acid trip

    Those contemplating acid washing their toons, beware of the bad trip! Like several others on this board, I had my toons acid washed in an effort to keep them uniform in appearance after sitting in the lake for three months last year. While my dealer assured me that they had the best product...
  10. Michiman

    Did your state make the list?

    I came across this article and thought my friends on this forum might find it enlightening. Be careful out there...
  11. Michiman

    How to dock a boat had a few do's and don't for docking "any" boat. Do you agree? Anything that you'd add to the list?
  12. Michiman

    Where is Goldenrod24??

    Hey, I've noticed that Goldenrod24 has been absent from this forum for the last month or so. Hopefully on vacation somewhere with out an internet connection. Or, perhaps I've just missed his recent posts. 
  13. Michiman

    10 Common Boat-Buying Mistakes

    I came across this "top ten" list and thought I'd see if you had any additions and/or deletions that you'd recommend.
  14. Michiman

    Houseboat Vacation: Lake Cumberland or Norris Lake

    My family is considering a houseboat vacation in 2018 on either Lake Cumberland or Norris Lake. While we have never been to either, an acquaintance suggested that we steer clear of LC in favor of NL. In his opinion, the former is "muddy" compared to the latter. Because this information came...
  15. Michiman

    Straight as an arrow

    Okay, this one seems pretty obvious but I frankly never really gave it much thought. One of the things I really like about a pontoon is that you can set a course and let it go, with little correction needed. At seven miles long, I can point this thing in the direction and speed I want to go and...
  16. Michiman

    Northern Michigan Fall Colors

    This is a shout-out to my northern Michigan Benny friends. We're thinking of heading up for a color tour this weekend and was just wondering if any of you could comment on the amount of color in your area. I've been scanning the internet for updates but most are a week old. I've also checked out...
  17. Michiman

    Muskrat Love

    On the way to lay up our boat for the year, I noted a muskrat swimming around in our marina. Cute, I thought! Heck, I didn't even know we had muskrats around the lake! An hour later I happened to strike up a conversation with another Benny owner when returning my boat to the dealer for the...
  18. Michiman

    The damage is done...

    Well, took the boat out of the water for the first time since early May and was disappointed (but not surprised) by the condition of my toons. Each weekend I dutifully cleaned all three pontoons, top to bottom, inside and out.  There was some algae build-up since the last time I cleaned them...
  19. Michiman

    Mercury Extended Warranty?

    My dealer sent me an email indicating that for a mere $4530 I could extent the warranty on my 250HP Verado out to eight years. Yikes!! In the insurance industry, most extended warranties are considered to be high margin contracts that don't usually pay off for the typical consumer so we...
  20. Michiman

    Lake Art

    A friend of mine has a 3-D map of his lake hanging on his wall which I thought was pretty cool. Although a bit pricey, I thought I'd share this with my Benny friends as I know many of you have strong feelings for your splash of water. From their web site: These maps aren’t just made for...