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  1. Spoiledrotten

    Fun in Chattanooga, TN.

    We’ve spent some time with my little brother and his family. We drug our Benny up there to make some memories. Will post more pics as I get them in. I finally experienced going through a lock at the dam near Chat. And some pics as we went under the iconic bridges of the city as well as the...
  2. Spoiledrotten

    I love to pull up to restaurants in the Benny.

    The first is at Table Rock Lake in Branson, MO. The second is a new restaurant on our reservoir and the third is at the new restaurant from the second pic about two weeks after they finished a great looking breaker style dock system. What pics can you share looking out from the restaurant?
  3. Spoiledrotten

    Technical? Maybe....

    I just added these so I can redo this. Multiple uses. First of all, they are SS. They are very stout so they will hold a flag or two, hold my extension porch screen horizontal bar, and of course, hold some fish catchers if I choose to do that. I was struggling to make the horizontal...
  4. Spoiledrotten

    Great time at Table Rock Lake.

    We made it to TRL. Beautiful lake, and on the first day out, I’ve already lost another anchor. :D It got tangled on the rock below. Now, does everyone understand why I don’t buy those $100-200 anchors? :) Going to put in the river below the Spillway, today, and cruise along Branson. The...
  5. Spoiledrotten

    If you do some add-ons yourself...

    The rope (string) broke that tightens the cover to my outboard. I went to Harbor Freight to see if they had something I could use to pull new cord through. I don’t buy everyday kind of tools there, but things like this that are used every blue moon, yessir, I’ll let them take my money. I...
  6. Spoiledrotten

    Problems at home.

    We’ve been experiencing trouble with our home reservoir. In one large area of the reservoir called Pelahatchie bay, we had a rash of giant salvinia starting to take over. If you don’t know what this is, you’re probably better off since it most likely wouldn’t have invaded your waterways. It’s...
  7. Spoiledrotten

    Guardian Angels we’re watching over us.

    I had just picked up my wife from the airport last Thursday, April 11. About 8:30 pm, heading back home on a 6 lane road, we were coming to an intersection with cruise control set on 55 mph (speed limit). A truck load of 16 y/o kids turned in front of us, leaving us no where to go but into his...
  8. Spoiledrotten

    View from my bedroom window

    Windows could use a little bit of washing.
  9. Spoiledrotten

    Merry Christmas to the Bennington family.

    I wish for all your dreams to be reality. Hoping you can reflect back on 2018, and count many blessings. Wishing each of you an even better 2019.
  10. Spoiledrotten

    Well, it’s that time again.

    Let’s see those decorations.
  11. Spoiledrotten

    Just wanted to share with my Benny friends...

    I haven’t been on the forum much in the last couple of weeks. Two weeks ago, today, my mom and uncle rushed my dad (my hero) to the emergency room. He is a lifelong asthmatic, emphysema, and has COPD. When I got to the hospital on Saturday afternoon, they had already admitted him to ICU...
  12. Spoiledrotten

    Finally had a guinea pig trying my tube.

    Took the little nephew out this weekend.
  13. Spoiledrotten

    Paying it forward...

    Can’t see the other boat very well, but we towed a fellow boater in after the fireworks show last night. They had run out of gas. We know what that feels like, so we were very glad to help.
  14. Spoiledrotten

    Here it is!

  15. Spoiledrotten

    Pensacola Trip

    Glad we brought the moring cover today, on our 100 mile excursion from Pensacola to Destin’s Crab Island and back. Got caught in a storm on the way back, and rode it out on a sand bar near Ft. Walton Beach. 2hrs 40 mins one way. Stayed at a steady 4000RPM 24MPH. It was 49 miles by boat. We had...
  16. Spoiledrotten

    I wish I had recorded

    Yesterday, we took a 30 mile ride up the river to chill on the sandbar. Well, there was a ski boat (no idea who they were) that had followed us up the river for about the last 6 miles. I noticed that they had the Yammy 115 on the back. I figure they would probably be about equal, or may be...
  17. Spoiledrotten

    Has this happened to you?

    Last evening, we went to the local sunset concert on our reservoir. You saw the pic from the cruise after the concert. Anyway, when I first got to the concert, there were several other boats there. I pulled into a spot that seemed to be good. I pulled out the anchor for the bow, stood tall and...
  18. Spoiledrotten

    I’m a celebrity.

    This Friday marks the 37th annual Pepsi Pops Concert at The Rez. They used a shot from last year to advertise this years’ event. They got TOONAFUN captured. We were anchored in the front right center of the pic. Red and tan.
  19. Spoiledrotten

    The weather was gorgeous, today.

    Had a great day, today.
  20. Spoiledrotten

    Can't find the post, but.....

    Someone was looking for the covers for the table mounts when the table is removed. I'm not sure if anyone has already discovered, but Overton's has the covers for those holes.