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  1. Dmonnny123

    Tubing and my rooster tail is a big problem :(

    Hey there, quick question.. So I have a 2019 ssxbp tri toon with a 150 hp Yamaha. My boat seems to throw a ridiculous rooster tail or large spray into the wake behind me.. And it’s really becoming a problem when taking the kids tubing.. They’re constantly getting sprayed in the eyes with...
  2. Dmonnny123

    This look ok? Taking a long trip...

    Just took the brand new boat out of the water for the first time today. We bought a brand new bunk trailer as well. The trailer shop had the boat specs but the rear toons were hanging off like 3 feet! That can’t be right?? So..I adjusted the ladder/winch and this is where I’m at now... the...
  3. Dmonnny123

    Another Audio upgrade! No wires back to battery!

    For those that were all about the Rockford Fosgate powered sub that fits in the swingback seat, and loved it as you don't need to run dedicated wires from the helm.... You're going to LOVE this gem I also found and installed :) This little in line amp taps directly into the power and ground...
  4. Dmonnny123

    20 hour break in? Going on vacation!!

    Hello all as of today, I'm at my 20 initial hours on my Yamaha 150. That said, I'm heading up North for two days to our cabin with the boat, later this week.. I know Yamaha calls for a service at 20 hours, but I'm not certain I'll have the time to do it before we leave for our cabin vacation...
  5. Dmonnny123

    Best way to Clean Simtex??

    We had a great fourth of July! That said, with the kids and their 50spf lotion.. I have a few white spots that I can't seem to get off the seats.. I tried water on a rag and rubbed to no avail. Any ideas or suggestions??
  6. Dmonnny123

    Electric bimini top. Please help!!

    2019 ssxbp electric bimini How should it be when stowed and put away. I want it high up and not on the little. Support brackets that came with it that make it lay very low With the boot on and put away When I try to raise it up with the Elec switch with the Bimini boot/cover on it stretches...
  7. Dmonnny123

    Toon log diameter..

    Quick question. We previously had a 2008 2275 RLi. Only a two toon setup.. what size were those toons? I feel like hearing something that they were like 18"diameter. Certainly not the 25" like on our new one. Can't seem to find the answer anywhere.
  8. Dmonnny123

    Anyone know which audio wires to swap??

    We have 2019 ssxbp with the lighted stern back speaker grill. I've read a few people on here switching and splicing the speaker wires inside the helm area so that the rear stern back speakers are on a rear channel by themselves.. Reason being, when out in the water swimming, I can fade to...
  9. Dmonnny123

    Cost to upgrade... Frustrated?

    In Wisconsin. Bought a new 2019 23ssxbp.. one they had in stock. No motor in it.. just setup with Yami controls. Closed the deal.. initially with Yami F115. After this damn forum.. .. I realized I needed the F150 Yami..:D Dealer said it's no problem.. we will just order one and rig it. No...
  10. Dmonnny123

    The great debate... ‍♂️

    Just purchased new 2019 23ssxbp -Express package -150 Yamaha That said: I'm having a real tough time deciding what in the heck to do regarding a trailer or not.. -We are on the water, in WI, and so 98% of the time, the boat is in the water. -We will take the boat once a year to cabin up...
  11. Dmonnny123

    Tell me what I already know... ??

    My wife and I just bought a 2019 23SSBXP Premium with the Express Performance Package. (3 toon, lifting strakes, under water skin, etc) also has the seastar hydraulic with tilt option. I signed the papers with a 115 Yamaha. I'm having second thoughts.. They told me for 4k more I can get the...
  12. Dmonnny123

    Took a big wave over the bow and now carpet remains soaked :(

    Not sure what to do as it's rainy here last night and all day today as well. After I docked boat, I always put playpen cover on to protect from bird poop, dew, debris, etc. I feel like this carpet is never going to dry and/or mold is going to come :( As soon as I see some sun or a break in...
  13. Dmonnny123

    Where do you keep your shoes?! Interesting question

    So I'm an admitted Neat Freak, and keep our Benny immaculate. That said, no shoe wearing allowed while on the boat.. This creates an interesting problem.. (Random people's shoes and flip flops everywhere) To date we've been just keeping the all in the gap between seating on the floor of the...
  14. Dmonnny123

    What's the difference between 2275RL AND 2275RLi ??

    2008 2275 rli and I'm curious what that means?? Is there a difference between the two? Can't find a straight answer anywhere on the Internet
  15. Dmonnny123

    Driving with trim up? How far up or down?

    Sorry for the newbie question. But on my 2008 2275 rli with a Yamaha 90 outboard. How far should I be with my trim on an average daily basis? The reason I ask is when it's all the way down and fully throttled I feel like I'm dragging. I feel it runs and sounds the best with the trim half up...
  16. Dmonnny123

    Best prop question.

    What's the best prop for a 2008 2275 rli two toon with a Yamaha f 90 on it?? Anyone have this setup or close? Would like the best overall performance/hole shot/speed. Thanks!!
  17. Dmonnny123

    Yamaha F 90hp outboard 4 stroke - fuel injected WOT question

    I have a 2008 Yamaha f90hp with 135 hours on it. I just bought the boat (2008 2275 rli) At full throttle with me alone it's at 6400-6600 going 25mph This is the prop the guy I bought it from said came with it from the dealer. Boat is like new. Just think I'm supposed to be between 5000 and...
  18. Dmonnny123

    Im new to the Bennington world! Is it worth it?

    I just sold my Baja 192 islander for a 2008 Bennington 2275 RLi with a 90HP Yamaha 4 stroke..  Paid $17,250 Decent deal? Decent boat? Has the 54" Galley, and the coffee table/ cooler upgrade.. Boat is in immaculate condition and motor only has 130 hours... Thoughts? Thanks! Dan