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  1. gmdog2

    Captains Chair Pivot Lock Bypass!!

    Has anyone figured out a way to make the Captains chair not lock. I’m getting ready to make mine lock free, just wanted to see if anyone else has. Thx for the input.
  2. gmdog2

    Lift is floating with new boards

    Installed some (3) 2x10x18 in my cradle lift or IMM.. now it is floating. I’ve thought about steel plates or concrete in pvc tubes. I’m looking for ideas on getting it to sink and how much weight to add? Thank you for any input..
  3. gmdog2

    Hello All, new to pontoon world..just looking info or suggestions

    Hello, we are coming for a Ski Nautique G Series Wakeboard boat. We have been looking at pontoons 2-log, 3-log, HP sizes, warranties etc. We have finally decided on a Bennington. We do all of our boating on a good size inland lake, approx 2100 acres. We are very close to a purchase. We are...