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  1. Lay Lake

    Pictures From The Lake

    Too much rain here (central Alabama). Thankfully we are on a controlled lake that is kept full pool year round, ie not flooded like the one above us. Hopefully the water will start dropping in the next 12 hours.
  2. Lay Lake

    New Member with Questions!

    Awesome looking boat! I love the blue with the blackout package (the interior is pretty nice too:))!!
  3. Lay Lake

    303 fabric guard

    For anybody that uses 303 fabric guard, Amazon has it for $40.01 for a gallon. Here is a link to it:
  4. Lay Lake

    New to Bennington

    Plus the weight of the electric motor and lower unit. Weight will have to be shaved from the boat and figure out how to make the electric motor as light as possible. I know of one brand of pontoon that uses a composite decking. They claim it saves 500 pounds, but that number seems high to me.
  5. Lay Lake

    Bunk size. 2x4. Or 2x6

    I had a trailer with 2x4 bunks and now have a trailer with 2x6 bunks. It is way easier to load on the 2x6 bunks and have never had a problem with the pontoons not settling down in the cradle. I have seen pontoons not settle down in 2x4 bunks though. I don't want another trailer that doesn't have...
  6. Lay Lake

    Anyone use a "rear view mirror"?

    I would agree with you that this time of year pulling a skier (if you have this mirror), a spotter isn't a necessity. I was mainly meaning when there is a lot of boat traffic. The field of vision with this mirror is incredible. In Alabama, you must have either a spotter or 78 square inches of...
  7. Lay Lake

    Anyone use a "rear view mirror"?

    I have the wider PTM edge mirror. I got it off of amazon "used like new" for about half price. You can check amazon to see if they have any used or used like new, but they don't have them all the time. The larger mirror does block my view slightly (might just be where I have it mounted though)...
  8. Lay Lake

    2014 2275 GCW

    I can see both sides of this. From the sellers standpoint, they want to make sure someone is serious and not wasting their time. However, the seller should not say there will be no test drives without an accepted offer. They should encourage you to come over and look at the boat thinking if they...
  9. Lay Lake

    Max Speed W/ Bimini Top Raised?

    On my frame of the bimini there is a sticker that says don't exceed 30 mph (this is with the top open). I'm sure it can withstand more than that, but not sure how much more.
  10. Lay Lake

    Cleaning toons!!

    No problem. Good luck getting the toons clean!!
  11. Lay Lake

    Cleaning toons!!

    I don't have the blackout package, but the piece (skirting) you are referring to is bolted on to the frame cross members. It can be removed with some 9/16 wrenches. I just did this when I cleaned my toons. There are a lot of different ways and products to clean your toons. I would pressure wash...
  12. Lay Lake

    Who is in GA/TN near I-75?

    Hopefully it turns earlier than they are even saying now and the impact is very minimal. Keeping everyone that is impacted in my prayers.
  13. Lay Lake

    Who is in GA/TN near I-75?

    Marion, Alabama 36756. This is in West central Alabama or have a place on lay lake in Wilsonville, AL. These are both a good ways out of the way, but your welcome to either. Hope you get out safely.
  14. Lay Lake

    STD helm seat or seat upgrades.

    I have the flip up bolster seat. It was an in stock boat the dealer had. I would have ordered the elevated helm. However, after having the bolster seat I'm really happy with it. Flipping it up raises you way higher than the elevated helm (wouldn't ride like this for an extended time). Also, with...
  15. Lay Lake

    Owning a lake house/condo?

    sjhorner9475 had excellent advice. How often will you make a 3.5 hour drive would be a huge decision. Our place is a 1 hour 20 minute drive. We make the trip often. Not sure I would want to drive much further than we do though. If you plan to rent, excellent advice was given above. As someone...
  16. Lay Lake

    Owning a lake house/condo?

    I'm not in Arkansas, but if it fits in your budget to buy then I would. We have a second home on Lay lake (in Alabama) and being able to pull into the dock (covered lift) is worth a lot. Plus I'm to lazy to have to tow and launch and reload every time I want to use the boat.
  17. Lay Lake

    2019 Dealer Meeting

    My brother in law has a center console pontoon from a different manufacturer. It was a prototype and I don't believe they made another one. It has the t top and then a bimini top in front that folds just like any pontoon's bimini. So, he has plenty of shade when needed. His livewell is about the...
  18. Lay Lake

    20” or 25” and water spraying on motor for 2012 22 SSI Tritoon

    I've had a boat with the express package (3/4 center toon). It had a 20 inch yamaha 115. It sprayed water on top of the motor when at higher rpm's. I didn't have any problems with the motor ventilating except in tight turns at wot. My current boat has the sps package with a 25 inch yamaha 150...
  19. Lay Lake

    Granddaughter First Boat Trip

    That's what it's all about!
  20. Lay Lake

    Potential Leaking Lower Unit

    My first thought would be to make sure no oil is coming out of the lower unit drain/fill plugs. There could be a bad gasket on one of the two. The plugs could also be loose. No matter where it's coming from, I would be concerned about water getting in the lower unit.