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  1. sunedog

    Swingback Model Numbers

    Great suggestion for current models. Thank you, Jack. I would still like to add models not currently on the boat builder app.
  2. sunedog

    Swingback Model Numbers

    Hi -- I am in the market for a used swingback. Ideally I'm looking for a 22' tritoon with the swingback layout and a 200 HP or larger Yamaha. As many of you know, Bennington has created more than a hundred model numbers. This makes searching for used boats with the swingback challenging...
  3. sunedog

    Bennington "Gear " on sale

    I was going to buy a $33 shirt (that I don't need) because it looked nice and, at $33 and a few bucks more for shipping, it would be a great value. When I checked out, the least expensive shipping was just under $20. I don't need a $53 Polo so I passed. Then my curiosity got me and I went...
  4. sunedog

    Steering Wheel

    I got this one for my former boat (a 2001 Bennington) from and was very satisfied with the quality. And it's only $89.99.
  5. sunedog

    Cleaning Pontoons

    I was not able to get the locally distributed mag wheel cleaner I have used every year for the last decade, so I gave "The Worx" a try. For me it was "The DOESN'T Worx." Tried it first cutting it 3 parts water to 1 part The Worx in a pump sprayer. It did absolutely nothing. Then I used it...
  6. sunedog

    Last day......

    A swingback tritoon with a 150 or bigger Yamaha. We love our GCW with dual lounges and it is in great shape, but my bride fell in love with the swingback design. We tie up to friends almost every weekend and she is the one who feeds the crowd. (It's her thing. She loves to entertain.) She...
  7. sunedog

    Last day......

    Yes. A new Bennington, of course!
  8. sunedog

    Last day......

    I'm on Lake Murray in central SC and it is down about 3 feet in the last month or so. My place is on a shallow cove so will have to pull my 2275 GCW out this weekend or next. That's a bummer because I just listed it for sale and was hoping to give people test rides without going through the...
  9. sunedog

    'Toon cleaning

    I wrote a winterizing post last Fall and included some tips on cleaning toons. You won't be able to get the same acid I use because it is only distributed locally (central SC). But others have had good result with a NAPA auto parts metal brightener, The Works toilet bowl cleaner from Wal-mart...
  10. sunedog

    What model do you Own and What is your age?

    2011 2275 GCW (but it's for sale). I'm 59.
  11. sunedog

    Power Pole install

    Very clean install. Great job.
  12. sunedog

    New to Bennington and new to pontoons

    Welcome to the club. I think your model number is GCW (G-series boat with Center Walkthrough). I have a 2011 2275 GCW with a Yamaha 115, but I only have two tubes. Great layout boat and we love it. When you get a chance, post your GPS top speed. I'm curious how much faster the triple tube...
  13. sunedog

    Rusty ski tow bar

    Looks like acid damage to me. Either that, or a defective plating job. As long as you weren't the one to damage it, warranty should cover it.
  14. sunedog

    Scrubbing Toons in Water

    Mine is just a two tooner. Jealous of your tritoon. For the mag wheel cleaner (and possibly some other information you can use), see this thread I wrote last Fall
  15. sunedog

    Scrubbing Toons in Water

    I don't have Sharkhide and my boat stays in the water from March to Nov. I acid wash every November and then use the green Scothbrite pads while the boat is in the water. I get the ones that are about 6" x 9" from Home Depot.
  16. sunedog

    Your 2019 College Football Thread

    He realized his stock was at an all time high (which was not very high in the grand scheme of things) and the cupboard was going to be bare with the graduation of Will Grier and other talent ... so he bailed to Houston. Dan Brown, former head coach of successful Div II Troy (Alabama), is our...
  17. sunedog

    Your 2019 College Football Thread

    WVU obviously from my avatar and my full wrap on my former pontoon. We live 500 miles from Morgantown but have been season ticket holders for years. We missed the JMU game but plan to be at all the others. And yes, JMU should have beat us. We were lucky to get that W. We're in a...
  18. sunedog

    Hurricane Prep

    Bumping this thread to the top in case it may help anyone:
  19. sunedog

    Who is in GA/TN near I-75?

    I'm off of I-26 in central SC about 120 miles from the coast. You're certainly welcome to drop it at my house if that would fit your plans.
  20. sunedog

    Door hinge lube?

    I spray mine at the beginning of every season with aerosol silicone.Hold a paper towel behind the hinge when you do it.