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  1. Airlifter

    Help with parking

    Stow the Bimini and go slow like a pro. I've taught my self to walk the throttle between neutral 1 click FWD or 1 click REV. Slow Slow Slow
  2. Airlifter

    Docking question

    It may come down to good coordination with your 1st Mate. I'm in a tight marina slip and often have a crosswind that requires a pivot point with the pylon. Stow the Bimini. After 4 yrs I finally understand SLOW like a PRO, my 1st approach to the slip does not always work. Pontoons sit on the...
  3. Airlifter

    Need advice - Mercury 150 hp fuel pump issue-acts like ran out of gas

    Have change your two fuel filters. The fuel water separator and the inline fuel filter. There is a filter (VST FILTER) that's on both Mercury and Yamaha that clogs over time.
  4. Airlifter

    What is the height of the pontoon sitting on the trailer?

    My 21 Tri toon SPS on my trailer with the Bimini in the travel position (lowest secured) height 8'6".
  5. Airlifter

    Simrad G05 Waypoint alarm

    I have the G05. The owners manual is garbage. I grabbed the resident expert at a local West Marine for general knowledge. Good luck
  6. Airlifter

    21SF - Hydraulic Steering Questions...

    Seastar Hydraulics vs Power Assist Hydraulics The Seastar Hydraulics on my 21 SLXP w/SPS Yam F150 works fine. After 3 years I've considered the POWER ASSIST for $1600 plus labor upgrade. My Marina has 2 28' Avalons Merc 300 with a second deck/slide and they maneuver easily in tight spaces...
  7. Airlifter

    Quick Clips On Playpen Cover-Can They Be Added After Cover Has Snaps On It?

    Love the clips around the port,starboard and stern. I had the playpen cover shortened 3 ft from the deck/rubrail snaps. Local canvas shop added snaps and anchors to the bow fence rail, works great. I asked if he could do clips to the bow fencing, the grooves are in the fencing but the added...
  8. Airlifter

    Overall height ?

    Trailer is 18 months and has a 300 miles. Plan is to place Jack stands under the trailer. thx
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  15. Airlifter

    Overall height ?

    Would you place the Trailer and Boat on 3 ton Jack Stands ( 6 total ) to relieve the Tire load weight ?
  16. Airlifter

    Tri toon Trailer Support

    I'll finish the power wash first. Thanks
  17. Airlifter

    Tri toon Trailer Support

    IMG_1175 by Airlifter posted Oct 29, 2018 at 12:30 PMIMG_1174 by Airlifter posted Oct 29, 2018 at 12:30 PMIMG_1173 by Airlifter posted Oct 29, 2018 at 12:30 PM
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