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    How does one go about selling a 2013 Bennie

    I need to sell my 20 SLX with all the options due to health problems, it has 13 hours on it.
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    Question on securing boat to dock

    OK I am do you tie your boats to the dock, best way to make the knot not slip loose.
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    I will be docking at a dock for the summer, I have a question, I am not sure of so this is the place to ask. While pontoon is docked for a few days with bumpers between the boat and the dock. Should the tie off ropes be loose or hold the pontoon tightly to the dock. Pontoon will be in a no...
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    Bennington Online

    When are they going to update the online build your boat for 2013 the 2014 will be out soon enough
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    Propeller Dinged on Edges

    This weekend I skinned the edges of my propeller on my 70 hp Yamaha it was in the sand some and scratched and chipped white paint off it one minor ding to it too. Metal on prop seems very soft, will I do better with a stainless steel one ? Any help on this, :unsure: no marks scratches or...
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    2013 SLX Pics added to Gallery

    Dont know how to add them to profile or other places :unsure:
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    Picked up New 2013 SL Today

    I picked up my new 2013 SL 20 Loaded w/options Today 09/14/12 I am so pleased with it I can't begin to tell you Rides and drives like a Cadillac The 70hp Yamaha is almost silent and very powerful Thanks again to Bennington for building such great boats Ron - One happy customer And a...
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    To Team Bennington

    I wanna say THANK YOU again for a super made boat by Bennington The colors and materials used to make my boat are 110% perfect My dealer is a great asset to your company ! I can't say enough how nice and beautiful my new boat looks. Again Bennington you went above and beyond in the building...
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    Team Bennington Rocks !

    There was confusion in the making of my new Pontoon Team Bennington has taken care of all the confusion and made another very happy customer. I was very frustrated, but now could not be happier And once again TB thank you....You make Bennington the place to buy And your Bennington Pontoons...
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    Disappointed in Bennington

    They are building my boat as I am writing this, they called my dealer and said the colors I had picked and the colors TB suggested to me (Bronze with Champagne accents) They won't make, they say it don't look good. Again not being able to see the 2013 colors or infromation they gave me 3...
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    Photos of the 2013 Benningtons

    Anyword when we will see information on the 2013 Benningtons ?
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    Bennington Fenders

    What do you all use, Does bennington make fenders such as Manitou makes for their Toons ? I need something from the top rail to at least middle of the Toon... I need a thick thick flat fender in 3 places with the crappy docks we have at our lake. I know you guys have great ideas... Thanks...
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    Whats Fenders Do You Use ?

    I have tried several.... Docks at my Lake are very high mostly due to water being so low. My boat side mostly go under the dock dented my side panel once... Whats the best fenders out there I need long ones like Rail to 3/4 down the Toon. I know you guys have great ideas... Ron :unsure:
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    Bear Pontoon Trailers

    Anyone else use Bear trailers ? Do you have glides on your bunks ? Wind catcher rails front and rear ? Surge brakes ? How do they hold up ? Ron :rolleyes:
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    What cover to use ?

    I have a question ? I will be storing my 20 SL 2013 in covered storage, however during times of use what do you all cover it with when not using the mooring cover. I like to keep dust off of it and bird droppings. I use the mooring cover for long or winter storage, also covered. I want...
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    2013 New Pedestal Table Option

    Has anyone seen this option yet ? Would reall like to see it Does anyone know the cost of the following: X Rails on 20 SL Two tone color scheme Bronze with Champagne accent
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    Goose Creek Lake - Missouri

    Looking for others who boat on Goose Creek Lake in French Village Missouri... :D
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    Whats New for 2013 ?

    Is anything changed for 2013 ? I want a 20 SL 70hp engine.... Any new things or options ?