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  1. Airlifter

    Tri toon Trailer Support

    I have the Benny on my trailer looking sad after 5 months on the Bay. I noticed the center toon is sitting 2" above the center bunks. I can raise the bunks up to make contact with the center toon, after I power wash. I don't think the center toon should go months with out support...
  2. Airlifter

    Overall height ?

    I have come upon an opportunity to store my Benny in a heated pole barn for the winter. The height of the Door is 9ft (108in). Width is not a problem. The top the trailer bunk is 32in. I estimate from the bottom of my lifting stakes to the top of the Bimini in the trailer position to be 72in(...
  3. Airlifter

    Rehoboth Bay Bakers Channel

    Looking for local info regarding shoaling in the Bakers Channel. the NOAA chart 12216 shows a MLLW (mean lower low water) 1 ft @ R8 in the north side Raccoon PT.
  4. Airlifter

    SIMRAD G05

    As season 2 draws closer, I need so help with operating the Simrad G05. Is there a way for it to save the last display setup from the previous outing. When I return to the boat for the next trip the Simrad reboots like its day 1. It will also change feet to meters and mph to knots. Sometimes...
  5. Airlifter

    Yamaha throttle engagement

    New boat in the water 2 days.  Im not in the easiest marina to operate into and out of.   Ive noticed at slow speed the throttle has a null or dead space before engagement of the prop forward and reverse.  Not happy with the throttle location at the helm, it feels low and aft in the seat.  Is...
  6. Airlifter

    Playpen canvas modification

    I have just moved into a marina that is setup to extend only to the port side door.  Some have mentioned this is a finger dock design.  I have contacted a Canvas shop that can make individual covers for all seats on my 21SLXP for for $$$.  I think I can have the front playpen set back to the...
  7. Airlifter

    bennington gear

    Proud Owner, Second Boat in 7 months.  Is there a welcome packet I can expect from Team Bennington.  I recall other members mentioning this topic when I purchased the first Benny in August.  I never received anything but this Forum from the dealer about Bennington apparel or marketing...
  8. Airlifter

    Is a an Express Tube Beneficial on 20 SLXP F90 Yam

    New to Forum  20 plus hrs on this Boat Show Dealer purchase.  Overall happy with the experience of riding and tubing with the Family, but would like a speed increase without going WOT.  The boat has Lifting Strakes, Wave Shield and Hydraulic steering.  The Yamaha F90 is smooth and fairly...