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    What kind of trailer do I want?

    I am getting my new 22SSRX SPS this weekend. The marina is on my lake so I will just drive it back to my slip, where it will stay until the fall. Then I will need a trailer to take it out, service it myself and the tow to indoor storage. My last twin tube had a Karavan crank up trailer. What...
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    Build date?

    I ordered a boat at the Milwaukee boat show last winter, but it didn't go as planned: So we reordered a 22SSRXPDN W/Yamaha 150 on 5/15/19. At the time he said I should have it by the 4th of July, which is a big deal here. They have fireworks over...
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    Cost for new hydraulic lift w/canopy?

    My new 22SSRX is in at the dealer! My old boat just sat in the water tide to the dock and poles. I thought this would be good enough, but now I don't know. A brand new boat should be protected and up out of the water and elements. I called my dealer and they told me about a Shorestation 5,000...
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    New pontoon boat due in soon, what to expect?

    I ordered a new 22SSRX in early February. One of these days they're going to call and say it's here. What can I expect? The marina is on our lake so will I pick it up at the marina and drive it back to...
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    22SSRX w/Evinrude 135 HO ordered!

    Went to the Milwaukee boat show yesterday. I ordered a 22 SSRX with Express Performance Package and Evinrude 135 HO. It will replace my 2008 Sweetwater 2386 RFE twin tube with an F115. Right now I can do about 25 MPH with an average of 4 people on board. I'm hoping the new one can do over 30...