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  1. John Miner

    Cleaning Pontoons

    Easiest and cheapest thing I have found is going to the dollar store and get what is called "The Worx" toilet bowl cleaner. Put it in a pump jug and spray it on the toons. You will see the junk running right off the toons. Pressure wash and all set. A lot cheaper then toon brite
  2. John Miner

    Mold on inside of bimini cover

    I know this is a old topic. If you put it in a commercial washer what did you use for soap?
  3. John Miner

    Added bow Boat Buckle tie-downs to my Heritage trailer.

    where did you get the brackets from?
  4. John Miner

    Cleaning pontoons

    I just pulled my boat a week ago to take on vacation. Wanted to clean the pontoons. Went to the dollar store and picked up 6 bottles of Works toilet bowl cleaner. $1.89 a bottle. Put it in a pump jug and sprayed to toons. Took the river grime right off. Then just rinsed off with water.