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  1. WV Girl

    My crew doesn't like my boat name idea

    Blues Cruise
  2. WV Girl

    Boat lettering suggestions

    Just ordered my domed numbers and received them in 8 days! Very happy with the product
  3. WV Girl

    raised dome registration numbers

    They look great! I’m still waiting on the delivery of mine. I also ordered the chrome letters that are domed
  4. WV Girl

    New Benny

    Our dealer went and picked up our new pontoon from the factory. He said it is a 2019. I am surprised by this. We take ownership of it on Saturday. Can’t wait!
  5. WV Girl

    Ready for summer!

    Glad to hear that. You guys convinced me to order it! We plan to trailer ours to keep the pontoons looking like that. Hopefully it comes in soon and I can post a pic. Have a great summer!
  6. WV Girl

    Ready for summer!

    Your pontoons look great! Gotta be the Sharkhide?!
  7. WV Girl

    Cup holders

    I didn’t order them because I thought the premium upgrade would provide built in cup holders I would guess that they can be ordered. One boat dealership I went to had extra ones in their showroom
  8. WV Girl

    Need Boat Financing Co. suggestions

    Local credit union. 3.75%. Now I just need the boat to arrive!
  9. WV Girl

    What do you do?

    My daughter, not the boat! Lol.
  10. WV Girl

    What do you do?

    I live in Moundsville. We used to camp at Tappan Lake every year when I was a kid. We have a pontoon with a 25 Johnson and our daughter doesn’t think it is very exciting. For her 16th birthday she tells everyone that she wants a boat and not a car! (Don’t know how she’ll get to...
  11. WV Girl

    What do you do?

    Mainly at Seneca Lake but we will go to Salt Fork at times. We also want to boat at Deep Creek, Maryland.
  12. WV Girl

    Sharkhide 'touch up'

    I added the Sharkhide to my order, thanks everyone! Lol. So, can you tell me exactly how you would spot clean an area on the pontoon where the Sharkhide gets rubbed off & oxidizes. Thanks! We plan to trailer the boat to keep it looking good but sounds like something I need to know...
  13. WV Girl

    What do you do?

    Thank you! I think so too. Occasionally, we have trout fished there Most of the time I boat in Ohio
  14. WV Girl

    Indian Lake Ohio and other Ohio boaters

    That’s were I purchased our boat, Buckeye Lake Marina
  15. WV Girl

    What do you do?

    I am a high school teacher in wild wonderful West Virginia. Attention was given to our state when every county in WV went out on strike last month. We were successful in our negotiations and caused a movement now where several other states are striking. The bad side is that I now have to...
  16. WV Girl

    New build ETA

    How exciting! My dealer emailed me saying that he received confirmation from Bennington on the build. What does that mean? Also, I was wanting to add Sharkhide to my pontoons after reading everyone’s comments.
  17. WV Girl

    New build ETA

    Yikes! I just ordered mine at the end of March. Good luck!
  18. WV Girl


    Bennington just confirmed my order of a 23 SSLDXP metallic sorrel with a champagne accent Yahmaha 115 Vmax I can’t wait to see it!
  19. WV Girl

    The Mandatory Picture Thread

    Anyone have a picture of the metallic sorrel with the champagne accent?? Thanks!
  20. WV Girl

    The Mandatory Picture Thread

    True It does look more silver than grey. I just wish I could have seen an actual boat with those colors.