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    Sanding Pontoon for Salt Damage

    Hello, My pontoon has what looks to be salt damage. The dealer originally said it was just oxidation, caused by snow piles, and that it would blend in after some use in the water. After a season of use, I am thinking that it was more than just "snow piles" in the parking lot and that my guess...
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    Vantage guard

    Hello, I was wondering if anybody has an update regarding the performance of the Vantage Guard product now that we have another season of experience? Thanks.
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    Vibration two out of three trailers

    Hello, I am experiencing significant vibration with my 2016 F150 with dual axle trailers. I thought maybe it was something with the dealer trailer and I tried another one and had the same experience with it loaded and unloaded. I didn't experience any vibration with my single axle trailer...
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    Salt stain on pontoons

    Hello, dealer sold me a new Bennington that has salt stains on pontoons. Gave me a discount and now I am wondering if I made a bad move. Could this impact the strength of the toons over time? Will I regret it 10 or 15 years from now?
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    Do I need to Cover front & back deck?

    Hello, I am new to the Pontoon world but loving my new 2019 22 GSR. My Bennington cover doesn't go past the rails and thus the front and rear deck areas are exposed. I am in Minnesota and the pontoon is in the water for the summer on Ultra Legs (no lift cover) but I always use the Bennington...
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    Why don't they paint pontoons like AL fishing boats?

    Hello, Just purchased my first pontoon, Bennington 22GSR, with Yamaha F115. Very nice boat and I am surprised how much I like it. My question is why don't they paint the AL pontoons like they paint other AL fishing boats? Seems that it would reduce some of the maintenance and improve the...
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    Ultra Legs iPhone App

    Hello, Does anybody know how to get the Ultra Legs iPhone remote app to identify and connect to the remote sensing unit on the pontoon to enable connectivity? It just keeps searching but doesn’t connect. Thanks.