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  1. BulldogsCadillac

    Underdeck ESP anchor mount?

    Hey, just wondering if anyone has pictures of an underdeck mount of a windlass anchor system? A fellow that has one of my old boats is wanting one. It doesn't have an extended front deck so not sure there's room for it to go on top. Show some pics and specs if you have them (please and thank you!)!
  2. BulldogsCadillac

    CAMO deck fastening system suggestions?

    Hey all, since I know we have all walks of life people on this forum, and I KNOW a few have done decks recently, figured I'd ask if anyone knows about this system? It seems like a nice idea, just wondering if anyone has used it firsthand, or has any real experience with it...
  3. BulldogsCadillac

    Be an organ donor

    Such an emotional day today. My wife's cousin (who is like a brother to her) is having his liver transplant in Toronto today. After being diagnosed with PSC at like 14 years old he finally was officially listed for transplant the beginning of this year. Today, he is truly receiving the gift...
  4. BulldogsCadillac

    I/O engine trouble, for a friend obviously! :)

    Hey folks, a friend of mine is having an issue with her 2013 I / O. Here is what she sent me, Alarm / engine light goes off on the boat / if you put boat in neutral and restart it everything is good for about another 20 minutes . One marine mechanic called and says it catalytic converter...
  5. BulldogsCadillac

    Parting is such sweet sorrow

    Well, tomorrow is the day. The Benny is sold. :( supposed to meet tomorrow to do the paperwork and watch my baby go. It'll be weird to see her hooked on to another man's Escalade, but at least she can take comfort in the familiarity, just a different colour I believe. I sure hope he...
  6. BulldogsCadillac

    Wow, 100,000 posts

    Crazy to think that we are at 100,000 posts! Here's to all the regular contributors that keep coming back and sharing their knowledge and experiences. Here's to all the new people that come searching for answers to those "silly" questions, and here's to all the "silly" people that keep it all...
  7. BulldogsCadillac

    Porta potti under helm?

    Howdi folks, quick question, do any of you store your porta potti under you helm (R raised would be even better)? If you do, what do you have? Any issues?  Thanks 
  8. BulldogsCadillac

    New shoes for the Caddy

    Hey all, got some new rims and tires for the Caddy! Kind of had to, we had bought winter tires for the Escalade, and yes I know many of you have no idea what winter tires are!! Anyways, we mounted them on the factory rims and decided instead of switching back and forth every season, we would...
  9. BulldogsCadillac

    Anyone know the height of these things???

    Hey folks, just wondering if anyone has a good idea of the height from the waterline to the top of my Sport Tower? Before all you smarta**es start in, I realize there are many factors and this IS kind of a dumb question, I'm used to asking dumb questions!! haha I know that each boat will sit...
  10. BulldogsCadillac

    What's it worth?

    Hey folks, seriously considering putting the boat for sale. What do you think is a fair price for it? 2014 2275RCW Tower, EZ Loader custom Executive series trailer, 250hp SHO with 39 hours on it, including all the stereo gear / batteries.  There's nothing remotely close around here for me to...
  11. BulldogsCadillac

    Give a guy a break!

    I remember back when I used to just come on here and make jokes and be an all around smart-ass, now it seems like I just come on here with bad news and sob stories. So here is another!  My dog Lulu has had this lump on her lower leg(by her ankle I guess you'd say). It's been there for almost two...
  12. BulldogsCadillac

    let's see what all the Yeti hype is about!

    Well I just ordered one of the Yeti Rambler 30oz cups. Kind of excited to try it out! Just have to wait for it to ship to me. Also ordered the straw lid, but had to order it from the US, everywhere around here was outrageous pricing! So it cost me $9.99 + $9.98 shipping to get it.  Might...
  13. BulldogsCadillac

    Couple of cool videos of my lake

    Hey folks, sorry, been really busy, picked up a second job in hopes of keeping my boat, so it's been a lot of 12-16 hour work days. Hopefully things will get to some sort of normal soon and I start feeling myself and get on here and be a smarta**, but for now, here are a couple of videos of our...
  14. BulldogsCadillac

    I guess we'll see

    Sorry I haven't been around for a while. Lots of things happening, and none of it good! I got "bumped" from my job by someone who has more seniority than me because they eliminated his position. Unfortunately, I was the lowest courier on the list, so I got bumped back down to working nights...
  15. BulldogsCadillac

    Well it's that time of year again :(

    Well, just finished winterizing the boat, pretty much at least. Fluids are changed. Waiting for my dealer to get in some more Yamaha grease to do the nipples and the shaft, prop shaft you dirty minds! Still have to take the batteries and gear out, but enough for today. They are ripping up and re...
  16. BulldogsCadillac

    For the audio folk, a question/revelation

    So I mentioned on another topic that I finally installed 2 more Wet Sounds XS-650 RGB's up front. Very happy with the output. Quite a difference, and after the initial 5" hole drilling, not all that difficult. BUT, once I got everything hooked up I went and took my multimeter and double checked...
  17. BulldogsCadillac

    Anybody checked out the Bennington site and boat builder?

    Just went on there as my dealer is at the show and sent a couple pics (which I won't post up here till he says its ok). Couple of slick new items and you can see some new colors on the build site right now. I find the new site more "visual" than before. I do like it, the boat builder may be...
  18. BulldogsCadillac

    Once again, I am an idiot!

    Sometimes I amaze even myself. A while back my dealer had asked me to go to Elkhart for the Bennington meetings with them since they know I would love it and because I usually help them out at the boat show and act as somewhat of a representative at my lake(I just drive around looking cool, but...
  19. BulldogsCadillac

    How long on 55g fuel tank?

    Okay folks, so here is the question. I know it is kind of dumb because it has so many variables, but for those with the 55g fuel tank,  how many hours can you boat before fill up? Semp, you are exempt from this question!  Haha jk, but on average, with probably 70% just cruising, 30% towing tubes...
  20. BulldogsCadillac

    Crappy Wind!!!

    Well yesterday was disappointing!  My brother is home from Kuwait for 19 days (here for 7) and he brought his wife and daughter(they are in Ontario). I think they have only been here all together once in like 3 years. So we had planned for a boat ride! Sister and her husband recently moved back...