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    Bennington Production

    I drove past the factory on the freeway this past Thanksgiving. There were more boats sitting there than I have ever seen. Hundreds... if not more.
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    Bennington Production

    Thank you, Jack. You are THE MAN!
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    This thread is closed. Please be safe and healthy.
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    2020 NCAA Basketball thread......

    And with this news, the thread is closed. See you in 2021.
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    Lake and Marina “Neighbor” Rants:

    I'm over in Frankfort. Hit me up to have a beer sometime. Maybe the new brewery in Beulah? I'm all in.
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    Lake and Marina “Neighbor” Rants:

    We own the house right next door and have rented it out on an annual basis since 1992. Always rented to hard working local people and 90% have been good folks (even the Section 8 tenants). I have kept the rent reasonable and kept the place up maintenance-wise. It's sometimes a bit of a pain...
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    So this happend to our cottage Monday evening, 2/24:

    He is spare parts. He needed to drop it back about 40%. It will be new deck time at your place in the spring. FERDA.
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    Did Quality change?

    I spent some time at our boat show this week pouring over the 2020 Benningtons. I think we can lay to rest any suggestion that Bennington is reducing the quality of their boats. I saw NO evidence of any such thing. Given the extended number of years on the warranty, they would be fools to do...
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    Got to get up and personal with the new bowrider model at the boat show this week - my observations and photos inside

    There was an R-series bowrider at my boat show and I was able to spend some time looking it over. All in all, it's a very nice boat. The interior (this one in two-tone grey) was very nicely done. I really like it. I crawled under the bow best I could to see the understructure. It's hard to see...
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    2020 Brochure

    Mine, too, Smitty! Drool, drool.
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    What makes a GREAT boat captain?

    LOL. This Captain (me) approaches it quite differently!
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    What makes a GREAT boat captain?

    I ALWAYS make my guests ask, "Permission to come aboard, Captain?"
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    We've previously discussed the Bennington center console fishing model. Here are some photos...

    I wasn't sure if anyone has posted photos of this model yet. Here are a couple for your viewing pleasure.
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    I'd love a black Corvette with red interior. But on a Bennington? Hmm...

    I found these photos on Facebook. Looks to be a 2020 QX. Thoughts on the color combo?
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    New to Bennington

    I was thinking ahead to the next generation. Specifically a boat with the battery cell engineered in for maximum performance and handling. Oh, and something with the power to run with the 300+ horsepower gasoline eggbeaters! ;-)
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    New to Bennington

    Probably a whole different topic, but I'm guessing rechargeable electrics look the most promising in the near future. Since they have limited range (which is how most of us use our pontoon boats) they won't be very practical for cruisers, but it could work for us. Plus, since we (hopefully) use...
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    New to Bennington

    I use gasoline with 10% ethanol in the summer when it sits in the tank for only a brief time. However, I fill with 100% gasoline (known as Rec Gas here) for off-season storage. If it was closer than a 50 mile round trip, I would burn it exclusively.
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    WOW! I sure love this red and white interior

    This must be the bow configuration of the boat shown above. Not sure what the step down is all about. Raised cockpit?
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    WOW! I sure love this red and white interior

    LOLOLOL. Says the guy with the itch.
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    WOW! I sure love this red and white interior

    This was on Bennington's Facebook page today. I'm a huge fan of red. Glad to see bright colors coming back to Bennington. I am in love.