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  1. BulldogsCadillac

    Didn’t order Elevated Helm....but

    Wondering if you could polish it up really nice, then get a negative decal made of the Bennington logo and etch it into it?
  2. BulldogsCadillac

    Got to get up and personal with the new bowrider model at the boat show this week - my observations and photos inside

    Not 100% sure why I liked this post, considering I've always been the guy eating the depreciation!! Hahaha
  3. BulldogsCadillac

    2020 Boat Show Season

    You're killing me! That's pretty slick
  4. BulldogsCadillac

    2020 Boat Show Season

    Maybe we need to get jackets made like on SNL for the 5 timers club!? Or to keep it summer boating themed, one of those AO soft coolers embroidered! Haha
  5. BulldogsCadillac

    2020 Boat Show Season

    Congrats Jack, that will be a beauty, will DEFINITELY make me miss being out on the lake!
  6. BulldogsCadillac

    2020 Boat Show Season

    Sheesh!! Pretty quick to throw my only notoriety in the swamp! Hahaha
  7. BulldogsCadillac

    WOW! I sure love this red and white interior

    Keep in mind Semp saves $28k just in motor and toon options! :)
  8. BulldogsCadillac

    2017 R Series with a Q Bow...

    Well my last one was a unicorn, 2014 2275 RCW Sport Tower in Crimson Red! In 2014 they stopped the Crimson Red, and stopped offering the Sport Tower on a 22'! Man I miss that boat sitting in my driveway! Haha
  9. BulldogsCadillac

    Pontoon battery storage

    Nope, then you're off weighted and will throw out your back! :)
  10. BulldogsCadillac

    PTM Edge mirror

    I just always took mine off. It's one knob nut. Once I launched and backed away from the ramp, let the motor idle a minute while I get all the gear and people and stereo setup, speaker suits off, and attach mirror. I towed everywhere, so preferred not having my mirror on to possibly get...
  11. BulldogsCadillac

    Pontoon battery storage

    I had a separate on board charger for all my batteries. I plugged it in and gave them a good charge, then pulled and put in the basement. The first year I would write the voltage on a piece of tape on each battery (after they rested for a bit) and checked with my multimeter every month, they...
  12. BulldogsCadillac

    Vibration two out of three trailers

    Yes, all three of my Bennington trailers were surge brakes, but my thought was the fact that it also happened with the empty trailer so tongue weight is not the culprit . Oh and on a side note,as far as I know there's no "Bennington" factory trailers, there are many trailer companies that will...
  13. BulldogsCadillac

    Vibration two out of three trailers

    Might be a silly suggestion, but try not connecting the wiring to the trailer and see if it still does it. I'm assuming your F150 has the built in brake controller and the only thing that makes sense is something is wrong with it since it happens on multiple trailers. Just a thought
  14. BulldogsCadillac

    115 Yamaha not pissing...

    If you have a big enough clean garbage can you can figure out a way to put your lower unit in there. The rain barrels are good because they usually have a drain on the bottom of it.
  15. BulldogsCadillac

    Bennington Shopping... need advice

    My 2275 RCW with ESP and a 200 SHO was in the 42-44mph range, so a few extra feet could make a difference. I always laugh that the 2275 is seen as a 22' boat, yet I think tip to tail (back of motor) it was right around 27' long!! Haha
  16. BulldogsCadillac

    New Build Help

    You said "steering assist" is that Power steering assist, or just hydraulic? I personally would get the power steering if it is currently only hydraulic.
  17. BulldogsCadillac

    Rough Steering

    First thing is to talk to your dealer and see if they have any suggestions. Don't walk into the conversation with the attitude that "they owe you" cuz they don't owe you anything! Obviously a good dealer will try to do what they can, but Cadillac doesn't send a mechanic to your house to change...
  18. BulldogsCadillac

    SPS vs ESP Performance

    I had a 2275 RCW with a 200hp SHO and ESP, my dealer asked if I would take a couple out on my boat and show them the Bennington (he's about 5.5 hours drive away). They had a tri-toon already with a 150hp, not sure if it was one or two years old. Well they got on and I took it up to about 30mph...
  19. BulldogsCadillac

    Where does the bilge drain out?

    On both of my ESP (2012 & 2014) the drain was in the transom higher up on the "wall" in front of the motor.