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  1. DaveyJ

    Ladder Upgrade

    We use our boat as the primary hangout spot on our lake's "redneck yacht club" so people are always climbing in and out using the boarding ladder. I bring the boat up on the sea legs so the bottoms of the toons are just barely in the water (see pic - our boat is in the middle with the Yammy &...
  2. DaveyJ

    Color Change

    So my current mooring cover is rotting away and I've been contemplating changing the color from the accent color (Bronze - Taupe Fabric) to the panel color (Midnight Black) and figured I'd post a poll and get an opinion from the group. Also looking at potentially changing fabric from Surlast to...
  3. DaveyJ

    Cleat Upgrade

    Due to rider complaints about stubbed toes over the last couple of years, last night I replaced the standard cleats on my boat with pull up cleats. I think they turned out good although I have to say it’s a touch nerve racking drilling holes in the rail. :confused:
  4. DaveyJ

    Reliance SDS Results

    I installed a Yamaha Reliance SDS 14.5x14 on our boat today and was reasonably happy with the overall performance. I bought the prop lightly used off Ebay as there was no way I was going to be able to justify $500+ for a prop to my wife. It was far from a perfect day for boating as gusts were...
  5. DaveyJ

    Reliance SDS Question

    I have a low hour 14.5 x 14 Reliance SDS Prop coming to me (thanks EBay). It’s the just the prop and it’s old style with the special spacer which I have also ordered. My question is regarding the thrust washer/castle nut. I have the original hardware that came with the 15.25 x 15 aluminum...
  6. DaveyJ

    Gauge Upgrade

    Well I went ahead and replaced my tachometer with a multi-function gauge this weekend. I've posted a couple of times asking questions about this in the past couple of weeks and finally took the plunge. Basically, my boat had a tach with hourmeter, trim gauge and gas gauge. My tach would...
  7. DaveyJ

    F150 Engine Info & GPS Changeout Questions

    I'm not 100% trusting of my tach and would like to be able to see the additional engine information that is accessible via a NMEA 2000 network. I currently have a Garmin GPSMaps 431s which is not NMEA 2000 compatible. My thought is to find a used 441s or 421s (NMEA 2000 compatible) in order to...
  8. DaveyJ

    On Board Battery Charger

    Figured I would post a few pics of the setup I have on my 2013 2375GCW. Installed an on board battery charger last year for convenience more than anything. Installed a ProMariner ProSport8 dual bank charger with a Noco plug. Drilled through the back wall for the plug and mounted the charger...
  9. DaveyJ

    Sea Leg Spring Replacement

    2013 2375GCW ESP with Sea Legs. All 4 foot springs (they put tension on the feet so they come up flat) were broken so ordered new ones from Sea Legs through our dealer. Told our dealer I needed them and he says he’s never had to replace them so he had nothing to quote a price on. He says I’ll...
  10. DaveyJ

    Trailers - Mid-America vs. Wolverine

    Does anyone have any experience with either make?  I have been shopping trailers pretty extensively the last month and need to sh*t or get off the pot, so to speak.  The dealer I bought the boat from (2013 2375 GCW ESP - approx. 4,400lbs) sells Mid-America and I can get a basic PT24T (5,360lb...
  11. DaveyJ

    Prop/Motor Height Help

    New to Bennington & Pontoons in general - Just before the 4th, we purchased a 2013 2375GCW with ESP, Yamaha F150, and Sea Legs.  Had 78 hours on it and was running a Yamaha 15 1/4 x 15 aluminum prop the day I took delivery and, with just me & 1/4 tank of gas, I was able to do 33.1MPH at WOT...