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  1. dannyleininger

    My Simrad G05, just in the wrong location!

    Having used my Benny in the Florida Keys several times and again on several shallow rivers in our area, I have become particularly irritated with the Plotter being beneath the Steering Wheel. I was always having to look around or thru the Steering Wheel (see picture). As you can see the Simrad...
  2. dannyleininger

    Didn’t order Elevated Helm....but

    When we ordered our 22ssx I opted against the Elevated Helm as I feared it might be a trip hazard. However, I quickly learned that having a boat full of guests seriously reduced my forward visibility...too many heads in the way. So I asked my Dealer, Gary’s Boating Center in Lake Wales, if he...
  3. dannyleininger

    Outriggers on your Bennington?

    Im planning my second fishing trip to the FL Keys. With high hopes and the desire to improve my odds of success so Im seriously considering adding a pair of lightweight fishing outriggers to my Benny, as we only use light weight tackle. Has anyone done this? Photos? Im struggling with...
  4. dannyleininger

    Mud Dabbers have taken over my Benny.

    We just got home from a 6 week trip and I couldn’t wait to put the Benny in the water. To my horror the were Mud Dabber nests on the upholstery, the Bimini top and inside the cabinets. We keep her on a trailer with the Mooring Cover on at a covered storage building near our home. I haven’t a...
  5. dannyleininger

    How to Tiedown your Benny when Trailering

    So today for the first time we trailered the Benny behing our motorhome. Quickly realized that I must tiedown the front and rear. So I’m needing your suggestions. I leave Friday for the Keys (300 miles). Your suggestions appreciated. Here’s pics of the front and back straps.
  6. dannyleininger

    Watch out for deep holes at the end of Boat Ramps

    Last weekend we took two couples out for a day on the Chain of Lakes near Winter Haven FL. We met at the Boat Ramp and prepped the boat. A friend backed me down the ramp so I could back the Benny off the trailer. Perfectly performed! THEN, disaster. As we attempted to drive out from of the...
  7. dannyleininger

    2018 Benny 22SSX - Delivered!

    We so appreciated all the advice received from this forum. I did take most all of your suggestions and I am happy with the end product. Thank you for all your input. So here’s what we got!!! This is the 22SSX with Dual Stern Gates. Has two fishing seats aft plus a live bait well w 2 rod...
  8. dannyleininger

    Table tops - where to store

    We have finally taken delivery of our Benny 22ssx. We ordered her with an extra table for the front. Last week we headed to Lake George on the north edge of the Ocala National Forest for a few days. Had a ball. I discovered a “Warning Label” stating the tables should be stored at speeds...
  9. dannyleininger

    Really good BBQ grill for your Bennington?

    With delivery expected in middle January we are now focused on the “stuff” needed for our Bennington. I’m looking for a great BBQ grill for those dinner cuises that I envision happening! What are you using? How/where do you attach or use a grill???? Thanks
  10. dannyleininger

    1 more question...what’s you thoughts on the Sink Console upgrade

    We are soooooo close to finalizing this build as I have been driving our dealer nuts with changes and questions. Of course all the changes have been additions and upgrades...more money to the dealer/Bennington. So everybody is happy! So I have been eyeing the small sink that is built into the...
  11. dannyleininger

    Is there a PM feature on the Bennington Forum?

    I’m new to this forum and have read other posters mention being able to Private Message (PM). I can’t find any way to accomplish this. What am I missing???
  12. dannyleininger

    Silly question...what size Fenders are you using for your Benny?

    I was looking at a package of 4 Black 6” x 23” Fenders. But what worried me was the thickness was 3mm??? Not trying to get to personal...what size is yours??? :eek::eek::eek:
  13. dannyleininger

    Power steering really needed with a Yamaha 150?

    I have a 22SSX w EPP and a Yamaha 150 on order. I need some input for 150hp owners. Do you NEED power steering? It’s about a $1300 option to upgrade my Seastar Hydraulic system. I’ve tested with a 115hp and had no issue with the steering. So 150hp owners please give me your input!
  14. dannyleininger

    Stainless Steel Ladder

    Is the stainless steel boarding ladder a good option over the standard ladder? We are building a 23 SSX with extended aft deck in dual stern gates. Thanks
  15. dannyleininger

    23’ SPS w 115? Is the In Floor Storage lockable?

    I have a 23 SSX on order. It was ordered with the SPS and 115 Yamaha. I don’t have need for lots of speed but there seems to be a strong leading towards the 150? Additionally, is the in floor storage lockable ? I’m thinking of adding this option to my order. Also, with the slatted hatch, is...