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    seat forward position
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  10. SirVive

    Trolling motor for pontoon boat

    Yes on the Ipilot for the "anchor" button on the remote.  It will keep you (the T motor) within a couple of feet of a spot.  The stronger the GPS signals, the more precise the control.     The remote is great in that you control the mtr from anywhere on (or off if you are nervy) the boat.  ...
  11. SirVive

    Trolling motor for pontoon boat

    Hi Dev75... Here is an excerpt from my previous post in the  "Trolling Motor" post listing what I have installed. Pictures of it installed are in the album "Trolling Motor" in the Pontoon Gallery.  I added some new photos of a bounce preventer I rigged to minimize the bounce to the stowed motor...
  12. Troll_mtr_bounce-1040197.jpg


  13. Troll mtr bounce-1040191.jpg

    Troll mtr bounce-1040191.jpg

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    Bounce buster made from a Bicycle flashlight holder clamp and a section of curtain rod for 60" shaft MinnKota trolling mtr
  15. SirVive

    Transducer placement

    Textman...     Worth a double check.. The Garmin guy seemed knowledgeable and it makes sense that the extra Chirping may need more connections.  Thanks for the info.    
  16. SirVive

    Transducer placement

    Spoke with Garmin today... I asked about the 54dv, 74dv and 44.  If I replace my Echo 101 with a 53 or 54dv non-CHIRP unit, I can use the existing wiring and 4 pin plug, but for best imaging performance, change the transducer to the larger one supplied with the unit.   The CHIRP capable units...
  17. SirVive

    Transducer placement

    I too have just begun to research for a replacement for my Garmin 101.   It is on a 2013 22 sfx that I purchased this year, also mounted on the port side. It is working fine but I want a combo gps and depth/fishfinder.  I will be calling Garmin to get some info on the transducer needed if I...
  18. SirVive

    Estimated cost to add wave shield

    I was having water forced thru holes in the deck at speed (about 24-26 mph on my 90hp propelled 2 tooner.   i was quoted $950 for .050 aluminum sheets attached with SS rivets by a local metal working shop.  I spec'd about 14 feet by 56" wide without bends on a 2013 22 sfx.   6 2-ft sections to...
  19. 2013 22 SFX underside

    2013 22 SFX underside

  20. SirVive

    Humminbird 788ci HD Sonar

    Amazon lists it as "Discontinued by Manufacturer" and cites a newer version available: Humminbird 440440-1 688ci HD Internal GPS/Sonar Combo Fishfinder (Black) $304.99  .   I did not compare features between the two and the "newer version" number doesn't make sense.  Amazon is selling the 788...