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  1. Gulfcoastliving

    'Toon cleaning

    Have not done it yet. I'll let you know though.
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    Beach time!
  3. Gulfcoastliving

    Any Bennington's in the Tampa are?

    Are you going to the powerboat racing? We are going to be out there on the water to check it out.
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    Heading home.
  5. Gulfcoastliving

    Cleaning toons!!

    Good job!
  6. Gulfcoastliving

    Last day......

    Sorry about the end of your season. Not bragging here, but there is no end to the season in SW Florida. Hope you get a couple more weekends. Cheers!
  7. Gulfcoastliving

    Power Pole install

    This is basically what we do down here in Ft. Myers. I don't like the idea of the toons rocking on the sandbar, plus the bottoms are painted. Anyway, looks like decent weather this weekend...Cheers!
  8. Gulfcoastliving

    Power Pole

    We like to anchor just off the we have the PP in the back and the front anchor (if needed) in the front, in the water.
  9. Gulfcoastliving

    Removing mold/ mildew spots from vinyl

    Anyone have suggestions on a product and also the technique involved to remove the spots?
  10. Gulfcoastliving

    Any Bennington's in the Tampa are?

    We are in Ft. Myers
  11. Gulfcoastliving

    'Toon cleaning

    Thanks...I have some Mothers mag cleaner. I'll try that first.
  12. Gulfcoastliving

    'Toon cleaning

    Thanks for the feedback
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    Dog Beach, Ft. myers
  14. Gulfcoastliving

    Power Pole

    I put a 10' PP on my SX21. When beaching, I drop the PP and then put a front anchor out if I sitting in shallow water. The PP makes life a lot easier...glad I got it.
  15. Gulfcoastliving

    'Toon cleaning

    New member here...Does anyone have tip/ suggestions on cleaning agent to bring the 'toons back to a nice bright finish? I have black paint on the bottom of my 'toons and am afraid the cleaning agent will take the paint off. Thank for any help in advance.