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  1. Dandsconnelly

    LED lighting breaker pops

    Trying to figure out why the LED accent/speaker lighting keeps popping the breaker on the helm. I've noticed if the brightness is turned up all the way, it'll pop after 30 seconds - a few minutes. This is with the motor running as well. IF I turn down the brightness, it'll stay on fine. Took it...
  2. Dandsconnelly

    Maiden Voyage... Are we being overly picky?

    I'll try to make this as short as possible ... But warning, it's long. Lol Husband and I picked up our boat Friday. About a week and a half after signing the initial paperwork because we negotiated in a second battery and also them mounting our Lowrance unit. They had to order a mount because...
  3. Dandsconnelly

    2018 23SPDXP, 2 gauges not 3?

    Hi all! We were browsing the catalog waiting to take delivery of our new Benny and noticed a lot of the helms in the catalog have 3 gauges. Looking back at pictures we took (it's still at dealer) and noticed ours has only 2 gauges, not 3. Our question is, what are we missing? Batteries were not...
  4. Dandsconnelly

    New members with new Benny

    Hi All! We just signed papers on a 2018 23SPDXP tri-toon, 200 hp Merc Verado Pro with SPS package yesterday. White with champagne accent. Interior is sandstone with driftwood inset. Slate seagrass flooring. We love the dining table with the 4 swivel chairs! We haven't been out on her yet...