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  1. KC24

    Bennington Reps

    Does anyone know how to reach an area Bennington Rep. Thanks
  2. KC24

    Reception and Weather

    I have 2 questions may have asked before. First question is has anyone found a way to get better reception on the lake with there phone(low cost repeater?). Reason being i could spend more days on the lake if I had better reception. Second question, what systems are available for up to date...
  3. KC24

    Water in Tube

    Has anyone had water in a Tube and had a problem finding how it got in? I finally set up for mine to be fixed, but they could not find how it got in there and only when they heard it sloshing after many attempts did they drain it and plug it. So now I took the boat out Sat to look for Eagles on...
  4. KC24


     I'm sure this has been brought up before I just cant find it, What company is best for boat insurance. 
  5. KC24

    Need a new prop

    Well I dinged up my prop and figured its time to find more speed, Currently I have 2011 2275RL with 3 tube express and a 2013 F150LA  prop is a Solas 15.5x13 YE2211 Motor is hung in the 3rd hole from the top WOT 5900 and 33.5 mph gps We cruise mostly but tube with the grand kids every now...
  6. KC24

    Floor storage

    Has anyone added floor storage, cut it in on an older boat? I bought my Benni off the showroom floor and it didnt have one. I plan to keep the boat for a long time. Thanks in advance for the feed back :D
  7. KC24

    115 vs 150 Yamaha

    I have 2011 2275 RL Tri toon with a 115 Yamaha. It does fine with 2 people but it slows considerably with 2 more adults. Im thinking I need a 150?