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    2019 Dealer Boat Show

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    I noticed that a lot of the newer people don't have their signature set up. The signature is what you write (usually year, make, model & your location) and it will appear every time you post. Helpful for all to see what model you have when you post a question. To set it up go yo your own...
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    Santa is coming to town in a new way

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    2017 Cocoa Beach Parachuting Santas

    Every jumper dressed in full Santa outfits, plenty of woman jumpers as well they attempted to land on a giant inflatable Santa Chair or Sleigh. With the ocean breezes they came in hard and fast and the inflatable chair was like a giant bouncy bounce and only one actually stayed on it. The Air...
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    2017 Cocoa Beach Boat Parade

    This one had a Hot Air Balloon furnace on the back of his boat
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    End of summer drone video from Sacandaga

    Well I wasn't there as we left early for Florida (won't due that next year) as the weather was in the upper 80's and low 90's for an extended period of time while all it has done lately is rain in Florida. But here it is; subs_digest
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    Our Celebrity - CWag

    Just received the new digital issue of PDB and lo and behold once again our favorite celebrity has a full page on CWag depicting his service to our country.  Not sure if the link will work on the forum but here it is.  You definitely want to see it as it has some pictures from the 70s of him...
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    The Great Lakes

    Here you go Jack
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    Springtime Safety Reminder

    Just saw this when I opened up my internet this morning and thought I would share it as a good reminder for safety checks as we start the boating season:
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    Bennington - The Most - The Oldest - Your Stories

    After seeing AliceDream post about the third Benny arriving it got me to wondering about the record for the most Benny owned.  Since Bennington was formed in 1997 it is also possible that due to their quality someone may still own a 1997, would love to see that picture. So post up and lets...
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    Key West

    our 3-day trip to Key West
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    Valentines Day

    Valentines Day is coming; What do you usually do?
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    PDB Shootout - Bennington

    I love the color of this QX [or perhaps the Emerald Green]
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    Costa Rica Wildlife

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    Atlas Rocket Launch

    Last night we went to Cape Canaveral and sat across the bay to watch the Atlas rocket launch.  Really cool as we watched NASA live on my iPhone to get all the updates and hear them do the checklist and countdown.  I live about 3 miles away from he launch pad but our friends who have been down...
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    End of Season

    Well, we decided to pull the boat and seadoos this past weekend.  KP is having a torn meniscus repaired on Wednesday so with cooler weather forecasted we sadly did the dirty deed
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    Flag Pole dimensions

    I have the Bennington factory supplied flagpole.  I love the quality but was thinking I might like to fly a larger flag.  I meant to measure the diameter of the pole and also measure the center of the holes that the pin goes through to place the staff on the stand.  Meant to measure before I...
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    Sacandaga 2016 Labor Day Weekend

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    Prop Advice

    I want to have a prop on board for backup.  On my 2012 RL I have the express toon setup with a Yamaha 115 and my feeling it is not propped right.  It is an aluminum 13.5 x 15.  I was out last weekend and at wot my rpms was only 4800 and my top speed was only 24mph.  Granted I was away a lot this...
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    2016 Thunder on Cocoa Beach

    Attended this yesterday, was exciting and LOUD. Pretty cool hanging on the beach and in the water and seeing this just offshore: This is one more from our perspective: