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  1. Roland

    Battery Question

    Hello Guys.... got a question for you. I'm getting ready to buy a new battery for my Benny.... It's a single battery set up rigged with a Yamaha 75 four stroke. I was all set to go out and buy a new agm battery but I read some forums that said yamaha discourages owners from using agm...
  2. Roland

    New Deck Hand

    Gentlemen, just wanted to introduce you to my newest deck hand.... Cooper. 8 lbs and 21 & 3/4 inches long..... My son ( coopers daddy, who is also in a pic below ) also owns a bennington and in fact it was him that talked me into buying my benny.... So no matter whether cooper is at home with...
  3. Roland


    Hi guys... I posted this on another board, but I'm always interested in getting as much feed back as I can on a product... any of you ever used or heard of PRI-G It's a fuel stabilizer and ethanol treatment that I really hadn't heard too much about. However I contacted thier customer service...
  4. Roland


    Hello guys... I have one of those " what would you do questions". Of course this all centers around gas and ethanol. Finding ethanol free fuel around here is getting harder and harder to do.. I have 3 options.... what say you? option 1.... I have located a station about 45 minutes from my...
  5. Roland

    Boat service

    Hey guys... first off I posted about this same subject on another forum, so for those of you that frequent that board, sorry for the repeat here... for the rest of you I was wondering when you service or have your boats serviced.. at the end of the season or the beginning of next season. For...
  6. Roland

    IT'S A BOY

    Back in the summer my son married his long time girlfriend, Lee. A short time later they told us they were expecting... Yesterday they called and said I'm gonna get a grand son..... can't wait. In just a few short years he'll be sitting on my lap driving my benny ( and nobody drives my benny...
  7. Roland

    Photo Gallery

    Hey guys, maybe I'm just overlooking the obvious, but is there a "trick" to navigating the photo gallery? I ask because the other day someone mentioned they posted pics of their wedding on their pontoon boat, and someone else said they posted pics of a mirror I'm interested in on their boat. I...
  8. Roland

    Steering Wheel

    hey guys, need a quick " fix it " answer... the center piece of my steering wheel has popped out... Not sure how to put it back so that it stays in place. I was thinking double face tape, but that's not really a solution... Appreciate your help.. Roland
  9. Roland


    Hello everyone... have a question for you... I own a benny 20SFI rigged with a yamaha F75. I trailer my boat every weekend, but up until now have never used a transom saver.. I have always pulled the boat with the motor trimmed all the way down. But my son recently experienced some damage...
  10. Roland

    Hello from Louisiana

    Hello everyone. My name's Roland and my wife and I live just outside of Shreveport, Louisiana. In our mid 50's, we bought our very first boat a little over a year ago. We strongly considered a bass rig since we both enjoy fishing, but because of age, physical limitations as well as the...