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    Garmin 95 replacement

    What type/size unit did you replace the Garmin 95 with?
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    Wet Carpet

    I just bought a 2011 24SLI tritoon two weeks ago and have experienced the identical problem. My leak is right in the middle of the floor and I thought this was a defect that was going to be a reason to fight with my seller. Seems like it can be a straightforward fix, though. Can someone...
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    Changing rooms/portapotties

    Link, good advice and I'll check with the dealer. I shouldn't assume the worst without talking to them, and I want it to look and operate as it should. Thanks, Sam
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    Changing rooms/portapotties

    Hi, just bought a 2011 24 SLI which has all the hardware for the changing station but the previous owner says he never used the curtain and it got moldy so he threw it away! I'm thinking "pro-pottie" but need the curtain, however after diligent googling I can't find anyplace that sells them. I...