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  1. WoodenPontoon

    Looking to meet some members

    Who's in this area this week? Would love to meet up for a visit.
  2. WoodenPontoon

    Kayak got wet .....

    Finally put my Nephew's kayak in the water this past weekend.
  3. WoodenPontoon

    Better Days

    Hey has anyone noticed that it seems brighter in the evenings????  Must be getting closer to boating season!!!
  4. WoodenPontoon

    Wooden Kayak

    I started building this kayak about 3 years ago with my then 12-year old, nephew.  It is finally getting some varnish and will be ready for a spring launch.
  5. WoodenPontoon

    Finally Got Wet!

    Well, we finally got out this past Saturday!  This was our first outing for the season.  Had a great time with the guy (and his wife, of course) who helped a great deal with the construction of my boat. After about 4 hours the sky got real ugly, so I called it quits for the day.  Would...
  6. WoodenPontoon

    Fuel Water Separator Bowl Difficult to Remove

    I have a Racor fuel/water separator with the clear bowl.  The clear bowl was almost impossible to remove from the old cartridge.  Is there anything that can be put on the threads to make it easier to remove in the future? I did search of this site and found where cwag911 had recommended...
  7. WoodenPontoon

    Seriously Considering a Cover

    I'm getting very close to attempting to sew a combination mooring/towing cover for my boat.  I ordered some fabric samples to help make a decision on a color scheme.  The fabric is currently on sale and there's an additional 10% off if I buy before the end of the month. I have already bought...
  8. WoodenPontoon

    Local Bennington Party

    Lake View Marine on Webster Lake in MA held an awesome event this past Saturday.  It was their Customer Appreciation combined with the 5th annual Bennington Owners Club Day. I hauled my boat up for the day.  The marina provided me access to their ramp and a slip!  I really appreciate all of the...
  9. WoodenPontoon

    Pontoon Paddle

    Found this on-line  Does anyone nave any experience with this?  I may soon own one, but I'd like any of your thoughts.  Thanks
  10. WoodenPontoon

    NCAA BAsketball

    Did anyone happen to watch both of the college basketball finals?   GO UCONN!!!!!
  11. WoodenPontoon

    New Granddaughter

    Denise & I welcomed our newest granddaughter this afternoon.  Aleena Grace was born just after noon.  Everybody is doing great. Poor little John did not understand why his Daddy didn't go home with him tonight.  
  12. WoodenPontoon

    New Bimini Canvas

    Hey All I am wanting to get matching canvas for both of my biminis. My canvas guy estimated about $1000 labor for him to construct them. I'm too cheap to want to spend that much. Especially, when I consider the other canvas work I want to add in the future. I have decided to take on the canvas...
  13. WoodenPontoon

    Merry Christmas!

    Merry Christmas to all of my forum friends!
  14. WoodenPontoon

    Our grand daughter has finally arrived!

    Hey All, Our son and daughter-in-law had a baby girl on Saturday afternoon. She was a whopping 5 lbs 11 ozs and 18 3/4 inches in length. We all have been waiting a long time for the arrival of "Kayleigh Lauren". I'm looking forward to getting her on the boat next season.
  15. WoodenPontoon

    Forward Bimini Advice Needed

    Hi All, I have recently ordered a new 8' long "forward" bimini frame and the fabric to make a cover for it. I can't decide if I should have the forward bimini fold forward or backwards on the boat. Most of the forward biminis that I have seen fold forward (at least while in the "radar"...
  16. WoodenPontoon

    2013 Get-Together

    Trying to determine interest in a Northeast Get-Together for this summer. I'd be willing to help organize one, if there is enough interest.
  17. WoodenPontoon

    WTB - Bimini Frame

    Hey All, I'm looking to install a forward bimini on my boat. According to my Bennington dealer, the only ones available are 9' or longer. I am looking for an 8' frame. I know that I will have to have a custom cover made, but was hoping to at least locate an 8' frame. Any ideas?
  18. WoodenPontoon

    North East Get-Together

    Hey all you NE tooners Does anyone have interest in a get-together in 2012? It would be nice to meet up at a lake for a weekend. What dates would be of interest? Any recommendations for a location? I have included a poll to collect some information.
  19. WoodenPontoon

    Permission to come aboard?

    Hi All, I do not own a Bennington pontoon, but would consider it a priviledge to join this group. I have constructed a 22 1/2' tri-hulled all wooden pontoon boat. I have been working on this boat for about 15 years now. The hulls, deck, console and rails are made of various types of...