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Just purchased our first Bennington 21SX with 115 Mercury, unfortunately it will be in storage until spring of 2020.
Along with the boat we purchased a lot on Grandview Lake in Columbus, Indiana.
Looking forward to learn more over the winter months, care, maintenance & additional items needed to be ready for the official launch next spring.
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Congratulations! I was exactly where you are last year. Had my boat one year and love it. We bought a lot at Nolin Lake in KY, but haven't built yet. Congrats again!
Thanks! Appears I have a lot to learn yet , not only about the boat itself, but adding a lift station to our lot. Found a lot of helpful info on this forum.
Glad to be here. Just purchased an '11 2575 QCW I/O First time in 20+ years we've had a pontoon/tritoon - looking forward to the '20 boating season here in the Ozarks.