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still an avid benny tri-tooner, but it's late fall New Mexico. Enjoy reading all the posts. We have an 08' 2575 RLI tri-toon ith a 150 Yamaha four stroke. Love the boat. has anyone had an issue with the trim guage showing different than what the engine is doing?
Just purchased our first Bennington 21SX with 115 Mercury, unfortunately it will be in storage until spring of 2020.
Along with the boat we purchased a lot on Grandview Lake in Columbus, Indiana.
Looking forward to learn more over the winter months, care, maintenance & additional items needed to be ready for the official launch next spring.
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Congratulations! I was exactly where you are last year. Had my boat one year and love it. We bought a lot at Nolin Lake in KY, but haven't built yet. Congrats again!
Thanks! Appears I have a lot to learn yet , not only about the boat itself, but adding a lift station to our lot. Found a lot of helpful info on this forum.