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Was interested in how you rigged your underdeck trolling motor mount. Can you send me some pics ? I'm sure others would like too see them also if you want to just post them in the thread.
I did a thread on it earlier this year. This kind of shows the setup

Jimmy Vick
Jimmy Vick
Thanks, I'm gonna try it.
Wanted to get your input directly and offline. What's your opinion on the quality differences between the various models? Q, R, S...? Some people say that Bennington quality goes down with lower models, especially in terms of construction for things that buyers don't readily see, including the spacing of the support bars, the real usable length of the center toon, etc. We want to buy a used Bennington.
Q, R and L lines are all constructed the same support distance. The S supports are farther apart. All are strong & feel rigid. SPS & ESP all have full center tubes, the Express has 3/4 center. Quality of interior is = in Q & R line w/the LX stepped down & L & SX even more basic & S most basic (Look & layouts & you will see the different size of the benches per line) All have same warranty.
Thanks so much. This is super helpful.
2019 23sxpfb smokey granite/sunset red
200hp Yamaha
double bimini
power steering
ski tow
puffin seat covers
10’ power pole blade
2 nd season with as a pontoon owner. 22’ SLX salt water edition. Looking to refurbish mine and perhaps buy a Bennington Tritons with a bigger motor.