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Just purchased our first Bennington 21SX with 115 Mercury, unfortunately it will be in storage until spring of 2020.
Along with the boat we purchased a lot on Grandview Lake in Columbus, Indiana.
Looking forward to learn more over the winter months, care, maintenance & additional items needed to be ready for the official launch next spring.
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Congratulations! I was exactly where you are last year. Had my boat one year and love it. We bought a lot at Nolin Lake in KY, but haven't built yet. Congrats again!
Thanks! Appears I have a lot to learn yet , not only about the boat itself, but adding a lift station to our lot. Found a lot of helpful info on this forum.
Glad to be here. Just purchased an '11 2575 QCW I/O First time in 20+ years we've had a pontoon/tritoon - looking forward to the '20 boating season here in the Ozarks.
On order
Custom designed 2020 23 RSR w/ 250 SHO
Being loaned by dealer 2019 23r w/ 200 Yamaha
Last boat 2014 Bennington 22SSX w/ 175 Yamaha
You interested in selling your old tops?
Sure thing....would need to make sure I have all the parts. What cha thinking $$
I like the idea of adding a toon to my two toon setup. is more to my liking then getting killed on a trade and going to a new boat. I have a 2014 20SLX in excellent condition. I'm trying to sell the existing motor 70HP Yamaha 4 stroke outright. I may get 5k for it maybe less. I was going to up grade anyway, and have the motor money. What is the best way to start the process for those who have done this.
Sorry for slow response Vinent. Have a family medical problem going on and I haven't been on forum lately. You will have to buy the express toon thru your dealer, make sure you give him your HIN and have him send that to Bennington to get the correct part. Also consider adding the underdeck skinning as that will help your ide tremendously
23g Bennington led cup holders and speakers are too bright at night, even dimmed to low. Anybody have this issue?
Welcome to the forums Andy and Kim. You’ll find lots of helpful and knowledgeable people in here.