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    Happy Birthday to ..... CHECK IN DAILY !!!!

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    Would You Buy an I/O Again?

    Yes you do need to winterize the closed coolant systems. The exchanger and risers need to be drained along with the water system. The coolant stays in the block so it won't need to be drained as in an open coolant system. Definitely more work than an out board.
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    Can't speak for others. But I actually like working on my boat. A couple of beers and good tunes,I can accomplish anything! Besides, the E-tech actually does the fogging on it's own.
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    Digital vs Cable Controls

    Not to sure what is included with the Yamaha package,but my evinrude I command is a very nice system. You have a lot of sensors that can be added to the system. Not to mention, the gauges are so easy to see at all times. But I also would not be without the power steering. Remember,build your 1st...
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    2018 Mooring Cover/Solid Keels

    Absolutely love our snap in carpet. I pull it out and Rug Doctor it a couple of times a season and at the end of the season before putting it away in the garage for winter. As for the rest of the vinyl floor,just power wash off the dirt. Still looks great after seven years!
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    Be careful out there!

    Randy Good to hear you two escaped unharmed. I think I'd be watching out for that boat in the future.
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    1st time Bennington owner

    Welcome to the forum. As stated before, if new to boating. Please take the boaters course,even if your granfathered in because of your age. Enjoy learning on your new boat and be careful.
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    What's the minimum dock size to support a 21 SLX safely?

    Is this at your own dock or a marina's? As Randy said, the length would be no problem with tying off to. It would be more the situation of where the dock is located.
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    playpen cover versus seat covers

    The boat gets covered every night.If rain is in the forecast or we're leaving for the week. The full cover goes on the boat,otherwise the seat covers are put on. I love having both options.
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    150 vs 175 four strokes. Is the dealer right?

    Go for the power steering and 200. Tell your wife "Merry Christmas" honey!
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    There are few things more satisfying than.....

    I wonder if the dude also went for as much horse power as he could afford. Or just opted for more pillows.
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    Happy Birthday to ..... CHECK IN DAILY !!!!

    Missed that one! Happy belated Birthday Carl.
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    150 vs 175 four strokes. Is the dealer right?

    Also agree about jumping up to the 200hp. But if it came down to power steering or 200hp,I'd vote for the power steering!
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    Some remaining question

    Looks like a great build! The only thing that I would change is the rub rail. I really believe the stainless rub rail is the way to go! And by the way,power steering is a real must! Wouldn't have another boat without it.