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    How much did you use it?

    35 hours
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    Any Hints on Removing Mildew from Morbern vinyl seats?

    products containing bleach will damage the stitching over time and cause seams to let go.
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    R Series Performance...and... Swingback comfort when sitting facing forward.

    get as much horsepower as you can now. you will not regret it
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    Question on Insurance

    Travelers all the way.
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    Insurance? Pro/con? use/avoid?

    I have a Travelers yacht policy with a defined value in case of total loss. No haggling over depreciation or equipment.
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    SIMRAD Loses Depth readout after I reach 15 to 18mph

    I think you will have a tough time getting a consistent reading above 18mph.
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    White Bennington

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    Aluminum cleaner that is safe with Shark Hide?

    not sure about vinegar but do not use acid based products. BTW my experience in the past is shark hide is good for 1 season or maybe 2 at the most.
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    New Owner

    not sure how it will do in saltwater, but I had mine coated with Ceramic Pro Marine and it looks great 4 years in.
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    Master Switch- delayed power

    sounds like low voltage
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    Cooler suggestions?

    yeti hopper 30
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    Fabric Question

    303 multi surface cleaner.