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    425 Yamaha

    I have the Yamaha 425 on my Qx25 and love it.
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    Small horn upgrade

    had a similar set up on my last qx but mounted them backwards so they would not get water in them. clearly not as loud as forward facing but was afraid the water would damage them...
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    Former Harris Sunliner owner about to buy 2023 22SX swing back. Looking for a quality comparison

    I owned a Harris Crowne before buying my QX 25. The furniture quality is similar but the construction is far different. The Bennington feels very solid even in rough water. The Harris on the other hand feels flimsy. I feel like the thru-bolted deck construction makes a huge difference in the...
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    Rockford Fosgate PMX-3 Terrible FM Reception Help

    bluetooth Iheart radio. I have never had a boat with great reception.
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    Why it’s worth it!

    Time with friends and family are the most important to spend time with. (boating) You can always make money LOL!
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    New Era

    I have an in water dry dock and I am very happy with it. It keeps the toons clean and gives some protection if someone is close to your boat. Very simple design and you can install yourself in under 2 hours. Also portable so you can deflate and take it with you if you change slips in the...
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    Looking for my new boat?

    Glidecoat marine seems to be doing well on mine. I used Ceramic pro marine in the past but decided to use Glidecoat this go round.. About 1/3 the price.
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    Simrad brightness - can we turn off auto dimmer?

    i will look at mine tomorrow.
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    Dual Batteries?

    if you have a couple of amps, subs , and like to float and listen to tunes 1 battery won't get it done. If you just cruise around and go back to the dock 1 will work. Depends on what you have pulling amperage and how you use your boat. JMHO
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    Damage on delivery

    take good high res pics and circle the damage...
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    Dual Batteries?

    been boating for 32 years, I wouldn't have a boat without 2 batteries.
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    Trolling/idling question

    not at all.
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    Side shift Bow Thruster

    I have been boating for 35 years and will give you the same advice that was given to me back then and still holds true. Don't go faster than you are willing to run into something when docking.