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    Fuel capacity

    Mine is 56
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    New boat arrived!

    Awesome Benny! Enjoy.....Nothing better......
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    R23 / Yamaha 300/ ESP

    I have R23 with Yamaha 300 and spin a SW 17 and top speed is always between 45 and 48. I could probably get more if raised the motor.
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    Production delays II

    Yep, in 2016 i ordered on May 5th and launched the new boat on June 16th. Then i was infected with PADS and ordered another one on January 21 and launched on April 20th. Loved those days.
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    Took delivery today!

    Very nice Bennington!
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    New CARB Proposals Threaten Future of Outboard Engines

    Staying non-political. None of them care about the environment. They rather you not spend your money on boating so that activity must be destroyed. It is never about what they are saying.
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    New CARB Proposals Threaten Future of Outboard Engines

    I won't even say it other than the destruction of the boating industry is all a part of the plan.
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    Boat order decisions...This or That!!

    I would go with the 150. It will guarantee good tubing and more.
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    The loss of my best friend

    Really sorry Dave. Nixon who we lost in 2018 and Winston our new guy.
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    Getting Rid of Spiders - start of season blitz

    The marina where I keep my boat started using an environmentally safe spider spray a couple of years ago and we have almost no spiders. Maybe a couple little one's here and their but it has taken 20 minutes of cleaning up spider mess off of my daily boat launch routine. They raised the slip...
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    Center pontoon storage

    Interesting the different opinions. I have had Center storage for 6 years and never had a problem. My boat is covered and never have standing water. I would never own a boat without it.
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    Things I would change (formerly Regrets)

    Because of some issue with the build I was good with it I was able to get 7 year warranty on it at the time.
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    Things I would change (formerly Regrets)

    This was in 2016 when my dealer installed Power Assist and it was $3,600 for the installation.
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    Bat Scratch Fever

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    Show us your dogs

    Winston loves the water! Great Boat dog.