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    Tell Tale blocked

    Well I left the boat for 2 days and again the tell tale was blocked. This time when I ran the weed whacker string in a mud dauber actually fell out. Plus my bimini had two big nests. I didn't have any problem with them before this year. I may try to come up with a way to quickly and easily...
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    SimTex Fabric Issue

    I am very impressed with the Simtex. Thankfully I have not had suntan lotion on it since it sounds like that is an issue. But other things, chocolate, wine, bugs, all wipe off with just a damp towel. The chocolate even sat for a day and still cleaned off easily.
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    Any advice??

    Regarding the gates: It is counter intuitive but lifting from the hinge side works way easier then lifting from the side that opens. But getting guests to understand that is all but impossible. I have been thinking about some sort of sticker, but I don't want to distract from the look.
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    SimTex Fabric Issue

    Have they been there a while? I only ask because mine appeared to have some stains where something wet sat. It lasted for 2 days or so, then went away. I was surprised it took as long as it did to disappear.
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    Tell Tale blocked

    We drive our boat 4-5 days a week. Yesterday I started it up after sitting for 2 days and immediately checked the tell tale as I always do, no pee at all. Shut it down. I took a piece of weed whacker string and carefully fed it up through. I hit resistance about 4 inches up. I could tell it...
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    fuel line kinking

    I agree that it is the dealer. I think they used a poor quality fuel line from the bulb to the engine. Last year and this winter/spring I dealt with them trying to get it done. In the end all they did was cut 4 inches off and reconnect it. I contacted Bennington today in hopes that they will...
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    fuel line kinking

    Well the dealer said they fixed it this winter but it still happens anytime the weather is hot. I contacted Bennington, we will see if that gets a response. I guess I will zip tie a wire to the hose to keep it straight. That is something I would do with my 30 year old boat, why not on my 1...
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    Something new for the Sand Bar

    that would be an awesome sleeve to put over the beer can
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    Adding drain holes in seat compartments ?

    that was my problem. Terrible design. Any rain when the boat is uncovered gets water in the compartments. Before I put holes in the compartments I would have to get all the water out with a sponge. Took a long time. Now I just empty the compartments and use a rag to get the little bit of...
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    Adding drain holes in seat compartments ?

    The holes are in the side of the compartment, very close to the bottom. I figured out the low spot in each compartment by adding water, then drilled the hole there.
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    Adding drain holes in seat compartments ?

    I drilled 1/2 inch holes in mine since my compartments didn't have any. No problems. I did them in the rear of each compartment, I did not drill through the floor. It doesn't get all the water out but most of it, the rest can just be dried with a towel.
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    Holiday weekend.....

    The water this weekend is like a bar on St. Patricks Day, amateur hour. We do go out, but I act just like when I am on my motorcycle, I assume everyone is out to kill me.
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    Why it’s worth it!

    it's worth it for us because without it we would have to tread water during the raft ups, and that would be tiring
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    New prices

    Just ran mine, last year the MSRP was $54k, now it is $72k. L series. so I get 1/3 higher as well. On another note, it has been exactly 1 year since I received my benny!
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    Fishing pole holders

    Tighten the screws up good, including the one that holds the tube to the clamp. I lost one on a very calm lake, vibrated off. I still have the clamp which was plenty tight to the bar, but I lost the tube. I think it is only one screw and you have to tighten it before you clamp them on.