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    Vinyl Floor turning tan/ orange

    Gosh, Sue. That looks awful. Definitely get your dealer all over that.
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    Cleaning sea grass floor

    Running into people all the time buying rugs to circumvent the heat. Then they leave them down, and once they ever do take them up, they have two different floor colors. It's bleeding from the rug, trapped moisture underneath the rug, and the sun not supplying equal exposure across the entire...
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    Have You Looked at Non Ethanol Price Today ?

    87 is down to $3.30 here. 90 non ethanol around $4.69.
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    Tritoon Storage

    Ram 2500, jet skis, commercial mower, 4 wheeler, tractor, etc.. I could fill up 3 of them. Ha !
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    Tritoon Storage

    It's awesome. Got to get a driveway graded next, then gutters and electricity. The boat will then have a home without us having to cover and uncover it all the time. Certified steel rated for 130 mph winds. Fully insulated. 40x40. 12 foot door in the center front and back for boat drive thru...
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    Tritoon Storage

    Well, I never thought it would happen, but over 8 months from signing a contract, we finally have a steel storage building for our boat. Geez !! What a stressful 8 months that was.
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    fuel stabilizer in non ethanol gas

    I don't have a Yamaha, but I don't use stabilizer in my non-ethanol, but I likely will over winter storage.
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    Replacement Cover

    Find a local Sunbrella dealer and have one custom made. Or contact them directly. They have a massive factory going up not far from Lake Gaston we see every time we go up there. Impressive place size wise.
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    Sideshift Thruster

    Not cheap.
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    Dual Batteries?

    In time, they likely do deliver the same charge rates, but at first, if it's down, the 10 amp is going to hit it harder. Not a big deal I wouldn't imagine, but 10 amps just isn't necessary. I don't claim to be an expert either, but I'm just giving my opinion with 40 years of electronics and an...
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    Dual Batteries?

    I assume you have a battery switch that allows you to turn off the battery power ? Do so. Then connect one set of cables to one battery and the second set to the other battery. Red to positive, then black to negative. Plug the Noco in and it will come on in the startup mode waiting on you to...
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    SimTex Fabric Issue

    OMG. Chocolate on my boat on a hot day. Ain't happening. LOL
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    Any advice??

    Gates are pretty tough to open and close on purpose. Keeps them from rattling.
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    SimTex Fabric Issue

    We only use/allow Banana Boat Light as Air. No oils. Non greasy. And we never sit on seats without beach towels. Never any sprays. Never had a problem.
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    Post up your other toys or hobbies ..... AGAIN

    Some States don't even require them be inside. Mississippi is one of those that I know an interesting story about. Old man shot thru his front door when hearing somebody beating on his door. The noise stopped. He went to bed. Next morning someone called him asking if he knew there was a man...