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    There's a VAST difference between flawless and flawed, lol. The difference between entry level and top level units with most products is the feature set, not these expensive ones work and the cheap ones work most of the time, or just when they feel like working.
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    I don't have access to the Garmin right now but we will be taking it out of moorage for the winter in the next few days. Just going from memory though, if I tap the menu button there's an option that takes me to a screen where I can manually set the depth range for the the sonar, it's normally...
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    I've noticed the same thing with our Garmin unit. The only way I can force it to show speed is to move to the display where I can set the range; no need to change the range but, it reliably shows speed on that screen. So far I've not been impressed with any Garmin. In addition to the issue...
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    Hello from the PNW, finally got our 21SL last week!

    Figured I'd say hi to fellow Bennington owners out there. After what seemed like an eternity, we got our 21SL last week :) We live in Vancouver, WA and cruise the lower Columbia and Willamette rivers every chance we get. Sure is a different ride from the Bayliner E18 we traded. The new boat...