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    What is this?

    Ok a new one. What this go to?
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    What is this?

    I think I'm going to do the same. I noticed they don't seem to stay on well.
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    I have a box anchor and on a muck / weed bottom lake here in south michigan it does not hold in large weeds. I put it out to fish in 15 ft of water a few days ago with 30ft of line and it would drag after filling with weeds. Next I tried all 50 ft of line out, and it still would not hold...
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    DIY color-changing LEDs for pontoons - for $50

    So you put the heat shrink over the wire out of the way, soldier the wires, cover in dielectric silicone grease, then slide over the heat shrink wrap and heat them up? I've never used silicone to make a connection waterproof so I'm curious as to what type, how you applied it.
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    Subwoofer placement

    Could you show us a few pictures please.
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    Skinning Strategy

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    How to Keep Water Out of the In-Floor Storage Area

    I might move mine to the same area. Good idea.
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    What’s everyone using for their 4 legged family members?

    We have a dog life vest for our goldendoodle when we go kayaking. But I can easily pull the dog up into my kayak when she falls out or she decides to jump in after the ducks. On the other hand, I'm not sure how dificult it will be on the pontoon. I'm sure she will at some point decide to jump...
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    Max Speed W/ Bimini Top Raised?

    I have the electric / automatic bimini top. I bought my boat used and I don't see anywhere on the boat or bimini top, a max speed sticker. Does anyone here know what the official response is from Bennington for the electric bimini top on my 23 SSBXP? I don't mean to thread hijack here, but I...
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    How to Keep Water Out of the In-Floor Storage Area

    I threw 2 packages of life vests in mine, but they are in a plastic bag with handles. I Hope they don't get wet inside the bag. Thanks for the helpful info.
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    What is this?

    Now I see it. Looks like they hang on to the railing top and under the rail... Thanks
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    What is this?

    I found two of these on my boat underneath the rear seat. I have no idea what they go to. Any ideas? Anyone recognize them?
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    Tow mirror mount location

    Elevated helm.
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    Anchor light adjustable cam

    With the new piece that came, I'm going to have to cut wires, solder, and shrink wrap to make it waterproof. This is going to be a pain.
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    Anchor light adjustable cam

    I thought if I broke it and clearly I did, they would say it was not covered under the warranty.