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    PWC lift or floating dock

    I’m loving my 2021 Bennington! I also bought 2 Yamaha wave runners. I’m sure many of you out there have wave runners. I’m on the main body of a lake in Illinois. It can get a little rough at times. I’m torn between getting a lift vs a floating dock port. Does anyone out there have experiences...
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    Best boat lift recommendations ?

    I built a 23LFBC with the Yamaha 200 sho (weighs about 3600lbs, and about 27’ long with motor) I was thinking the 5k lbs lift witha 28’ canopy would be good. Great advice. I’m leaning towards the shore station.
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    Best boat lift recommendations ?

    Hi all! I’m new to the Benny family. My new tritoon just came in. I need to buy a lift. I would love to hear thoughts on a 5000 lbs shorestation dc, vs a 5000 lbs Max Lift dc. These are the only two brands sold at the Marinas at our lake. I can’t find info on lift recommendations in prior posts...
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    Best lift recommendations?

    Hello All, I'm new to the Benny Family. My boat just came in, and I need to choose the best lift to park my boat. I'm torn between a 5000lb DC hydraulic Shorestation, and a 5000lb DC Max Lift. Would love to hear suggestions / thoughts. Thank you!