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    First Winterization Maintenance Questions

    Yes, I have one of those. If I remember correctly, that's how the manual tells you to do it. It's a Mityvac if I also remember that correctly
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    RX Sport Seat falls in

    Have any pics?
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    First Winterization Maintenance Questions

    Double check your manual and see if your lower unit gear lube is HD vs regular. On my 200hp and 250hp it is the HD. Also, I didn't look up your kit, but be sure to check if you are getting regular Yamalube or full synthetic, they have a kit in both. Also I don't see any listing for the muff. I...
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    RX Sport Seat falls in

    Have any pics? What about comparison pic of another seat that DOESN'T fall in to see what the difference is. Sorry you're having trouble, first time I've heard of this one!
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    Now the bad news…

    In your case I highly doubt it has anything to do with backing up. I will ask the obvious question, what are all your tire pressures at? Also, do you have a lifted truck that you tow with?
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    Cost of outboards?

    A good rule of thumb is roughly $100 per horsepower, that's what we've always guesstimated on
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    Mooring Cover Sealer

    Not being an ass ,promise, but does it say anywhere in the documentation that it IS waterproof? Don't jump from the post, I promise that no one is intending their response to be rude, we have a great bunch of folks. They will however be a wealth of knowledge, and a few laughs! Let me also say...
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    Battery Question

    Did you check the fuse on the second battery? Going from memory, but pretty sure there is one. One other thing to narrow down a little, start the boat and see if the batt 2 is showing a charging voltage when switch is in 1+2. If not then it is connected up improperly. Check each battery...
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    Boat Builder updates

    Wasn't standard , but was an option. My guess is almost every Q sold optioned the elevated helm, so they made life simpler by removing the non elevated option. One less helm mold to make / warehouse.
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    Pick tritoon options with 90hp

    Personally I wouldn't bother with SPS or the express. I had a 2075 GLi with a 90hp and at the time (2009) it was actually bigger than a lot of motors on my lake! Can you tube, sure, but once the riders get a little older, you will have to work the wake pretty hard to dump them! Still lots of fun...
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    Water under my seats

    Well then, by your own admission, boats are meant to get wet! if you want it to be dry, I guess put the cover on. Sorry, I don't have a lot of help with the drain holes, but since you said it worked before you had the tools replaced , seems as though your dealer needs to fix if one of the...
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    Gate won't stay in holder, piece at bottom of gate came off

    Temporarily, see if you can find some of those horizontal mini blinds, I think ,THINK, the little plastic piece that you mount on the wall would be close maybe?? Might make do until the proper one comes in
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    Three batteries on my 2008 2275 GS

    I'll also add since you're a new Bennington when using the perko switch never switch from 1 to off to 2 while motor is running! The meter way will also let you know which are on bank 1 and which are on bank 2
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    Three batteries on my 2008 2275 GS

    Easiest is if you have a multimeter and check voltage on all three batteries before starting it, then check again after you start while the battery switch is in the 1+2 position. If they are all connected they'll go from 12.8ish up to probably 14. If you don't own a multimeter they are only $25...
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    How bad is my pads?

    It's like an itch you just can't scratch! I NEED MORE COWBELL!! Haha Welcome to the club! I have followed in Bezos' footsteps and stepped down as President and CEO and Jack seems to be taking his new role very seriously! Hahaha although I think there may be another member throwing their dingy in...