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    Emergency Stop

    Anyone know what what goes in the empty slot on my helm (white box)? The kill switch is on lower right of the picture by the throttle (blue box).
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    For Sale/Wanted Thread: NO BOATS OR MOTORS .... read rules please. POST FOR SALE ITEMS IN THIS THREAD ONLY!!

    No Longer Available (March 31, 2021) FREE TO A GOOD HOME ;-) Platinum/espresso colors. We just don’t ever use it. It’s yours for cost of shipping.
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    Merry Christmas

    Merry Christmas. Took the boat out this afternoon. Awesome
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    2019 World Series

    Great team, but I’m disappointed for my Astros. Thought they could win at least one home game.
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    Add a battery?

    This is my blue sea automatic charge relay install. I also changed out the 4 position switch (will go in the RV). I leave in the on position all the time - so far, no dead batteries. Before: After (I fabricated the holder for the M-ACR using a plastic utensil holder from Walmart):
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    I love to pull up to restaurants in the Benny.

    Fajita Jack’s, Akashi, and replacement for Sam’s Boat to be opened soon - Lake Conroe, TX. Birthday dinner for dw at Akashi tonight. Fajita Jacks is mediocre Mexican for this part of the world, but.... it’s on the lake .
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    52” Ski Pylon

    Thanks for the feedback. Removed the flag for tubing and went with the standard size rope and everything worked great. Another plug for the PTM mirror - pics are facing forward and you can see the tubers in the mirror.
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    Informational video: Quick clip use and removing, stowing, opening and covering easily.

    So, instead of only complaining about the design of the cover for swingbacks with keeper rails, I had local canvas/cover shop modify to go over the rails - plus the benefit of keeping the birds off the stern deck. Only added two snaps to the boat. All other connection points use buckles.
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    52” Ski Pylon

    Thanks Michiman - I took the forum's advice and built my last boat first (at least first Bennington).
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    52” Ski Pylon

    Finally getting my 25 QSBW ready for the grandkids and tubing. I attached my 52” Ski Pylon, the rope and the tube, put in gear just to get the hang of it. It looks like the rope sits on top of the outboard. Once I get to plane (either empty tube or with me on it - had to test before I put...
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    Lighted cup holders

    All (8) of mine light up. 2019 Swingback.
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    Newbie in need of parking help into boat slip

    Practice, practice, practice!!! Wind is a big factor and a few bumps are expected
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    Informational video: Quick clip use and removing, stowing, opening and covering easily.

    Great idea on the Swingback, but I have the keeper rails, a windscreen and 2 piece mooring cover which adds maybe 6 tie downs (don’t know why the cover couldn’t have gone over the rails) on the back. I start at the windscreen and then go to the bow or stern based on which piece I am working on...
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    Wrapped my pontoons!

    Really sharp. I think I’ll keep Sharhide as long as I can, then switch over to wraps.
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    SIMRAD Power Control

    Looking at the installation manual, there are 3 options to turn on the SIMRAD. Dealer rigged it to unconnected. The other 2 options are: Auto On, to supply positive Ignition Anyone used either of these options?