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    Furniture Covers?

    I have a 2275 GCW that is stored on a covered lift. However we have a problem with spider droppings and I HATE putting on the mooring cover. Does Bennington or anyone else make the individual seat covers for this boat? If so where would I get them and how much?
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    Sad Day

    Wow, that is so sad and pointless!!!! Made me stop in my tracks just reading it. On our lake, especially holidays when everyone and there brother comes out I dont know how there arent more accidents, heck I get nervous at time when my wife is swimming away from the boat in certain areas of the...
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    Does your ski pole have a little rattle ?

    Sorry off topic, but Matthew can you post up or PM me some details about your interior lights? They look very cool in your avatar pic.
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    Winter prep on 4 stroke Mec 115

    $400 for an oil change!?!? Glad I too got a Merc (and a 2 stroke, LOL).
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    Just ordered

    Excellent choices!!! We just got our special ordered 2275GCW less than 2 weeks, I can tell you that youre gonna love your new boat! We got the dual batteries, probably overkill but better safe than sorry. They are great for boats with large stereos or electronics or people who may beach or...
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    My understanding is yellow is no longer a standard color on the G series, so our boat may be unique for a long time to come. So are you going to get to use your new boat at all this year? Did you go with the ESP, if so you will LOVE it! Excellent choice going with the 2275GCW, not that Im...
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    Bella the boat dog!
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    Frost on the canopy?

    Much lamenting going on here! But we plan to squeeze out every last bit of the season we can, but thats probably ~3 more weeks give or take.
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    Breakfast on a 2011 GLi

    Sounds like you are on a very nice, undeveloped lake. My lake is developed about 85% around, but we still have tons of fish, seagulls, swans, geese and herons.
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    New Owner With Some Questions

    Well supposed to be 55 and rainy tomorrow but 63 and sunny Sunday so Ill take it out then and play around some more and bring my GPS and phone (not sure I have GPS service on my Blackberry though). But Ive tried both with the trim all the way down and the trim up just a hair past the bottom...