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    Surprise from Bennington in the Mail

    I DEMAND MY BENNINGTON SWAG! (congrats on the haul!)
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    How do I remove the upholstery fabric?

    I'm pretty sure the material is stapled on. Take some photos and post here and/or scour YouTube for examples of upholstery removal for ideas. They may be locked in with a pin that requires you to lift up and out to pop them off - some on here have done this (search around - someone completely...
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    Adding SIMRAD GO7 to replace 3 gauge layout on 21 SL

    I'd imagine a Simrad would be a factory option for any 2021, so you might luck out and get a pre-cut panel that will pop right in (if you order from your dealer that is).
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    Electric version, weight distribution issues

    I had a similar issue on my 2275 RCW - it's mostly a problem with twin-toons vs tritoons - in your case made worse by being so short. My old 2275 (which is 23 feet long) required strategic placement of folks when underway - not a comfortable conversation depending on who you're asking ("hey, I...
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    Better late than never

    A thought: since you won't be in the water anyway, now is the perfect time to apply Sharkhide if you haven't. It applies better in cooler temps anyway. I was too antsy to get in the water and decided to wait until fall last year, and by the time I pulled the boat out 4 months later (short...
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    Engine Quit, would restart after 15 minutes but stall again with any speed - Solution Found & Misc:

    The power steering issue is a common one - running both batteries appears to almost universally fix. Another reason to run 1+2 while underway (bonus: keeps both batteries charged). I only switch to one battery when I know I'm going to be running current for several hours - parked at a sandbar/etc.
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    No drill 4 rod holder horizontal storage

    Something like this mounted with automotive adhesive tape might work:
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    Source for Boat Covers

    It'll probably be cheapest and best to go to your local canvas shop and have it made. You might have luck at, but I wouldn't bet on it. Good luck!
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    I'm usually back in by mid/late April depending on weather in MN - and always out by mid-October.
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    Steps/Ladders for elderly

    I have a 3-step aluminum Step Ladder for this. (Dad joke alert: I never knew my real ladder.)
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    2014 BENNINGTON SL21 Headlight bulb replacement to LED

    YES! I hate those people. Docking lights are for docking - and it's impossible to tell them otherwise. Grrr.
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    First time storing pontoon outside with shrink wrap. Tips and advice?

    Are you DIY-ing? We had our marina do our last pontoon every year - they shrink-wrapped it (couple vents, not many) and tossed in a handful of dryer sheets. I parked it in our yard next to a wooded lot each year. They cushioned all touch-points with scraps of carpeting. Worked great, no issues...
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    Battery drain/charging…?

    The common wisdom is to run on 1+2, and float/relax on 1 or 2 so you have a spare battery if one goes dead. If you only stay on battery 1 or 2, only that battery gets charged when running. Personally, I always run 1+2, and I've just never bothered switching to 1 or 2 when stationary. Do you...
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    How much did you use it?

    Only about 25 hours in last year, and about 27 in this year. Of course that's run time - the 350 gets us where we want to go on our chain within 15 minutes most times. I probably only filled up 3 times - and I'd guess 75 gallons total this year. If I had to guess how many hours we got in "on...
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    For non-roller bunks you’re probably going to want to back further in - I usually get 80-90% of the bunks in the water. Having trailer guides at bottom will definitely help in loading - especially if you’re on a deep ramp the boat will tend to wander off a bit unless you have guides.