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    Love our Spinning Steering Wheel Knob

    Just a note to make sure your knob doesn't damage your wheel - I used one on my garden tractor for many years (old JD 317 - hand controls and no power steering) - I got tired of it after a couple years and was bummed when I removed to find that it had dug into/gouged the steering wheel.
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    Stray electricity near your dock?!?

    You could try a Voltage Water Detector like this "Shock Alert" - But I'd strongly recommend having an electrician out to check your dock. Dangerous is an understatement, and it'll eat up your toons/dock if there's stray current out there...
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    Boat Lift - One last Try

    Agreed with others - 120 is a good width and allows guides to make things easier.
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    Mooring cover too tight

    Your dealer should have told you to never travel with your mooring cover in place. They're not designed for trailering and will likely be damaged - and damage due to trailering with a mooring cover is NOT covered under warranty. It's a bummer, especially if you travel to your favorite boating...
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    LED Pontoon Light Part Number or Vendor?

    Pretty sure it's - I considered getting factory lights but they never answered my calls. You may need to order via your dealer. FWIW, the amazon lights I purchased have stood up well for the two years I've had them.
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    Mooring cover too tight

    Random guess - but by chance are you putting the cover over the top of the Bimini? I had family up and they "helped" cover our old Benny once, and ended up ripping the cover b/c they didn't know not to cover the bimini and tried to force it. Cover goes beneath the bimini - see photo for reference:
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    Boat lift bunk styles
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    My boat (350 Verado) has a sticker indicating no e15. Cars? No problem. Boats? No thanks.
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    Fuel Gauge Issue - Bouncing between empty and nearly full

    Gotta be a pinched wire or bad short somewhere. If possible to run a new set of wires to the sensor that would hopefully fix.
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    Side shift Bow Thruster

    The trick to docking and parking a boat is to go slow, and use opposite-lock reverse as your friend. Pulling into parallel park at a gas dock/etc, you nose-in the bow, turn the steering wheel the other direction (so the prop faces the dock), and gently reverse to let the rear end (stern) get...
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    New Problems - Near Electrical Fire

    Good call Tim - MI is a 2-party consent state, meaning both parties need to be made aware of recording. I'd still record the walk-through with the owner, and offer to share with them.
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    Domed numbers caution.
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    Domed numbers caution.

    Overall I've been very happy with my Domed set, but in hindsight I wish I would have put mine on the extruded top/cover above the pontoons instead of right under the logo on mine. The reality is that there's not going to be an exact match because lettering needs to be 3" tall per license...
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    Still waiting for the dock guys to get my lift in the water so I can officially start the season - here's some faves from last season. Note the tracklines after an afternoon of tubing lol:
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    Pontoon door width!?

    I don't have the measurements, but FWIW, I have a huge cooler that we use for long day trips and it rolls through fine. I'm going to guess 30 inches.