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    Yeti Sidekick Dry bags

    Handlebar-style bike bags seem like an even better option than the Yeti if you're looking - lots more options/availability, less expensive and also waterproof. This one is cool and has a clear pouch for your phone if you need it...
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    Max Speed W/ Bimini Top Raised?

    That dealer is soooo wrong - I have that setup and there's no way I'd run an open electric bimini top past 30 - even with the support straps on (which I always use when it's up/open and I'm moving past trolling speeds). When I'm making speed runs I put the bimini into trailer position and use...
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    Minnesota... Where do you place your Registration decals?

    Never had a problem with my current placement:
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    For Sale/Wanted Thread: NO BOATS OR MOTORS .... read rules please. Post in here only!!

    OMG lucky ducky. Will do. Thanks for the tip!
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    For Sale/Wanted Thread: NO BOATS OR MOTORS .... read rules please. Post in here only!!

    Anyone have the Corvina steering wheel and want to swap? That's the only option I didn't get on my new Benny.
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    Retrieving the boat, back onto the trailer, can be a real pain!

    I'd put the trailer a bit farther in - you'll make lots of enemies "power landing" your boat like that. It destroys the landing and washes it out.
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    Yamaha Throttle Lever

    My 2011 Yamaha controls had a trigger under the handle you had to depress - so I'm guessing it's recent.
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    What is this under cushion

    Fly fishing rod holder, or space for a selfie-ring-light for your kids to shoot TikToks at night. (kidding - it's just a drain channel)
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    Master power switch

    Once I get the boat on the water I never turn off the helm switch. Never had a problem. Of course I'm on a lift next to my house, so if there ever was an issue I'd just need to top off. I also keep the 1+2 switch on one battery or the other (cycle every few times out) so I always have power.
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    Simrad GO 7 Fuel Information

    That's what quiet days on the water are for! :cool: Grab a couple beers and start clicking around. There are 3 or 4 mapping options, multiple display options, pre-set themes (one, two or three columns), networking/wifi options to stream to your phone or tablet, and lots more. As an admitted...
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    Maiden Voyage!

    Congrats Dave! Enjoy. No more PADS for you.
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    Prop question

    Prop brand doesn't matter as much as correct pitch and size for your application. If you're getting the performance you want, I wouldn't sweat it.
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    DIY color-changing LEDs for pontoons - for $50

    Exactly - except I used waterproof silicone (regular caulk-style) around the ends not dielectric (which I'm guessing would eventually wash away). The steps I took: Slide the heatshrink tubing onto one side of all wires (I did each wire individually, and then one big tube for the end result)...
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    Simrad GO 7 Fuel Information

    The Merc display is very attractive, and make sure you play with the day/night settings as well. I attached my current favorite setup, as well as one alternate with depth/sonar and the night mode (GO9). I'm planning to do a video walkthrough of settings this summer:
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    Hit the dock. Nice dent in the front of one of the logs.

    Don't feel too bad - at our boat-up bars there have been a few times where people have done the same thing, but in at least a couple cases, absolutely floored it and took out the dock and almost injured some diners on the patio. If your Benny has electric controls, you may have a "docking"...