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    Watermat Question

    The pull-behind ones look like a lot of fun, we have a roll-up that we keep on the front deck on the bow of our R25. If I had to do it again I'd probably get an inflatable mat. With a fast inflator it would be an ideal, always-on-the-boat accessory.
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    'Yellowstone' returns tonight

    $5/mo for me. To bring this back to Benny-land - anybody that sprays sunscreen on my boat is gonna get dropped off at the train station :)
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    Boat Height

    My boat fits fine under a 10-foot door, but I wouldn't go much lower than that. R25 with no towers.
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    Northerners get the last laugh

    Yikes - stay safe! It's 65 today in Minneapolis - one of those dang torturous days where I gaze longingly at the open water and think about grabbing the boat out of storage. Keep us posted.
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    Hand me down Bennington Tubes

    Fantastic work! My Dad did something similar last year to an old Harris hardtop pontoon. His rear toons stuck out about the same, and he added a 60 horse vs the old 15. He also cut a hole in the middle of the deck and placed an ice-house hole cover in the middle of the boat for panfishing with...
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    Is the factory cover sufficient for Florida sun?

    Then yes, I'd pop for more coverage. The consensus seems to be that the front and rear decks will fade a bit with no protection - my 2011 had a cover that snapped to the very front under the bow rub-rail, and did the same for most of the stern. Any good canvas shop should be able to create and...
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    Is the factory cover sufficient for Florida sun?

    $100k+ boat on a lift, I'd pop for a canopy vs. just extending the cover, but hey that's just me :)
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    Does anyone know if shifting the throttle in forward or reverse with the engine NOT running damage DTS or anything else? (250HP V8 Verado)

    DTS is digital, so it might wear out the electronic switches if you do it a few thousand times, but otherwise I'd expect not :)
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    Does it telescope down, or is it a turn-and-release pole? (On most you lift and turn to disengage the catch, and then it lifts right out). If it is a telescoping pole, can you turn it 180 degrees? You could attach a rope to a tree and try to pull it straight... be careful and patient if you do...
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    DIY underwater RGB LED lights

    I used a fishtape from the holes in the back of the pontoon to the hole in the helm - and I removed the rubber boot from inside the helm to make it easier to grab the wire. The LED lights for the underwater setup only required a 1/2 inch hole - super simple to install. Good luck!
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    Side Skirting

    Much trickier with wave shield - mine was impossible to get at. I barely had room to run the LEDs along the side.
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    Side Skirting

    When I ran the underwater LEDs on my boat, I'd planned to remove skirts - but gave up after it appeared the bolts attached to free-floating nuts (vs. threaded/attached bolts). I chickened out and fished the wires instead. In hindsight, I probably should have just drilled out the waveshield and...
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    Best trailer around MN

    We got our YachtClub trailer from Miller Marine in St. Cloud, MN. Our second YC trailer (2nd Benny) - they've been solid, no issues, brakes work great, no rust.
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    Electric Anchor Problem

    Or if your dealer is unreasonably far away (mine is 120 miles out), the switches are pretty cheap at Great Lakes Skipper.
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    Rub rail issues

    Happened to me - just squeeze and rock the rail back in place. It fits in a channel - super easy to do (for my starboard bow corner anyway). Took me 12 seconds to fix. Edit: I did this when it was nice and warm, so it rotated back into place easily - make sure yours is warm or use a heat gun...