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    Favorite furniture layout & Why

    I have the twin captain chairs / quad bench layout, 25ft. My Bennington before this one was the traditional L configuration, also 25 ft. Honestly, I am not so sure that I like the quad bench better. I feel like when underway, the people in the captains chairs are facing the people sitting in...
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    Bimini top question

    The issue with laying it flat is it takes up a little of the seating space in the rear, as well as blocks the center rear entrance. I have the quad lounge layout. You also have to be careful not to hit the light pole. The only time I lay it flat is for tubing and skiing when we are going...
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    Bimini top question

    I have the curved bimini on my 2020 G25. When I take the kids tubing or skiing I fold the entire bimini right down flat. It's super annoying but I just don't trust it. I tried running with it closed with the zipped up cover on without lowering it flat, and even like that it shakes a little...
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    Benny 22 LSR speakers

    I have a 2020 G25 fastback, and the interior speakers are as you describe (4 speakers). The additional two rear facing speakers are fine for when you are stopped and people are in the water behind the boat, but that's it. You cannot hear those speakers from inside the boat while underway...
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    Fuel on Lake Norman.....

    I paid $3.70 for 90 ethanol free at a regular gas station using 5 gal cans. I believe on our lake it's $4.89. Western New York State.
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    Where can I order a new front panel ? Cruiser waves at Ozarks no joke.....

    This exact same thing happened to me last summer. My boat was brand new, a month old. I was a little heavy in the front and just cruising slow. Wasn't paying enough attention and a huge wave rolled up perpendicular. Smashed my front panel in, exactly like your picture. My dealer was great...
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    Need advice on first pontoon

    A 25ft 2 toon with a 115 is not an ideal watersports setup, unless you are just looking at going straight and fairly slow with little kids. With multiple people on board it will make that all worse, and any kind of turning at speed will be a chore. IMO, on a 25 foot pontoon, for any kind of...
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    Ellipticals and 200hp?

    I have a 2020 G25 with the twin elliptical performance package and a yamaha F200. My previous boat was a 2002 RL25 with two standard tubes and a 75 mercury, and before that a 21 foot open bow with a 5.0 merc i/o. I have never owned a tri toon, so I can't compare there. We are on a smaller...
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    R23 ski pylon

    I have the pylon on my 2020 G25. It's very sturdy, I wouldn't be concerned towing anyone, multiple tubes no problem. As Baja mentioned, the pole is very heavy. Do not drop it on the vinyl floor or worse your foot!
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    Trump Parade Tears!!!

    Sure thing Mark, I will let you know what my dealer says.
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    Trump Parade Tears!!!

    Holy sh!t......the exact same thing happened to me this weekend. Brand new boat, took delivery Memorial Day weekend. Had a full load, lake was crazy busy all weekend, took a big wave, swamped a little over the bow. Got back to the dock later and noticed the front and about lost my mind. I...
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    Performance was disappointing during first WOT

    I have a 2020 G25 with twin elliptical tubes with a yamaha f200. I don't know the prop specs other than its a 3 blade black stainless. I also am not sure what hole the engine is mounted in, but I can do 40 with a lighter load. And I can see big differences when playing with the trim. So...
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    Adding an amp and subwoofer

    Thanks Madison. I had found that manual, I was more just looking to see how many watts per channel this KMC45 is rated for so that I could compare it to other units, and I can't find it published anywhere. I was really trying to avoid adding an amp and a powered sub. I was hoping a new head...
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    Adding an amp and subwoofer

    I posted about this in another thread, I have a 2020 G series fastback. The base stereo setup, which is 6 lighted kicker speakers and a kicker head unit, it says KMC45 on it. I can't even find that head unit available for sale anywhere, and that's probably a good thing because it is garbage...
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    Stereo upgrade options - after the fact

    Just spent weekend number three on the new boat. As I mentioned when I started this thread, everything about the boat is great, except the stereo. I know some people just don't care too much about a stereo, but this is gonna drive me nuts, and it's taking away from my enjoyment of the boat. It...