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    boat lift recommendation

    Got it, thanks guys. From looking at pics I’ve seen so far it does appear that the front part is out of the water (or very close to the water line). Maybe GCWAndy’s is installed a bit differently which allows the front to be completely submerged? We are going to see a front loader in action...
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    Looking for feedback/opinions regarding new boat lift

    Good Sunday morning from Lake Hartwell GA. Our old, and I mean OLD 4 corner FloatAir lift gave up a couple weeks ago and after figuring out the cost to have it repaired we going with a new one (sticking with the same brand). Decision time for which model lift to go with comes this Monday so...
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    boat lift recommendation

    Decision time for which lift to go with comes this Monday so while we’re leaning towards a front mount there’s some folks in our cove (all 4 corner lift owners) telling me that if we go with a front mount we’ll lose some flexibilities a 4 corner provides. One being that we won’t be able to back...
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    boat lift recommendation

    Great pics, thanks for sharing.
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    boat lift recommendation

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    boat lift recommendation

    Hello from Lake Hartwell GA! Our old (& I mean Old) 4 corner Float Air Lift just gave up the ghost and after talking w/several lift companies & dock folks we are leaning towards going with another Float Air - this would be a 6,000 Front mount and was wondering if you still like yours and if...
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    Lake Lanier GA / Lake Hartwell SC Suggestion

    Not sure what your docking situation is setup to be at Hartwell but you’re welcome to tie up at ours if you need to. We are on the GA side really close to Harbor Light Marina (where the Tugaloo River crosses under 85). It‘s a fair distance from Starr but you’re more than welcome & BigD is...
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    Lake Lanier GA / Lake Hartwell SC Suggestion

    Sounds like an awesome trip. While at Hartwell cruise into Harbor Light Marina @ try out Tilleys Tiki Bar & Grill for good food. Limited on operating hours right now so check their site out before cruising by there. Another great place for a weekday...
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    Out on the Tugaloo River today.
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    This afternoon on Lake Hartwell
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    Hanging out at Joe’s Island